Storm and DecentBet the Gamification of Cryptocurrency

One way Storm Makers might make money is by selling data gathered from their players. The data will be harvested via the StormX suit of services. The GIGS will generate a totally source of data.
Decent.Bet is trying to build an online casino and sports-book platform on the blockchain. That is technically possible but it would be illegal in many countries including the United States and the People’s Republic of China.

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How Much Money is Microsoft Making?

The GitHub acquisition is good news for Microsoft shareholders because the company has a long history of successfully monetizing software and profiting from new markets. Microsoft is in a great position to cash in on GitHub because it is making a lot of money from its core business.

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The House of Representatives Does not represent the American People

The House is neither larger enough, nor diverse enough, to adequately represent modern America, data from the Pew Research Center indicates. The same data indicates that the House fails in performing its constitutionally-mandated job of representing the American people.

Today’s strict constructionist U.S. Supreme Court is likely to rule that the House has to grow to represent America leading to a new political crisis. Strict constructionists believe today’s government must follow the intent of the Founding Fathers in its actions.

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The Amazing Progress in Trump’s America

Future generations might look back upon the Trump administration as a time of great progress. The Donald might be a necessary part of America’s social and political evolution.

There is also a good possibility that alleged sexual predator Harvey Weinstein would have never been arrested; and sexual predator Bill Cosby convicted, without Trump in the White House. Perverted creeps like Matt Lauer and Bill O’Reilly would have never lost their cushy jobs if Hillary was in the White House.

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Trump Trade War will Benefit Only China

The real winner from the trade war will be China which will have a closer relationship with America than ever before. Trump seems to care more about getting a better trade deal from China than US alliances, Eurasia Future noted. That might set the stage for a future US China alliance that will run roughshod over weaker powers. Trump is only restrained from making more open moves towards Beijing by racist elements in the Republican Party.

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Is ADP Making Money?

ADP has some of the attributes of a value investment because it is an infrastructure company that provides a necessary service. ADP provides a necessary service companies need that most people neither see nor understand.

That makes ADP well poised to cash in on the growth of the American economy. It also makes ADP an ideal platform for testing next-generation payment and data-processing technologies. For example, SpringRole which is trying to develop a more reliable resume verification process based on the blockchain is working with ADP.

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Did Cryptocurrency Mining Threaten Jobs?

The situation in Plattsburgh demonstrates how the new high-tech economy generates both income inequality and political controversy.

Progress is ripping up the social contract written at the end of the last Industrial Revolution.

Investors need to consider the ethical implications of some of this new technology. If they do not, everybody will suffer from the political backlash.

Developments in Plattsburgh prove that the old social contract is dead and it is time to write a new one. If we do not write a new social contract our cities will burn, and many people will suffer.

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Meet Bloom the Ethereum Token powered by Credit Scores

BloomIQ a system of reporting and tracking debt obligations will people establish credit ratings for their BloomIDs. BloomScore is a new kind of credit score that can be used anywhere in the world. A long term project is a Bloom credit card will enable users to establish a credit history based on the BloomScore.

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