Baby Boomer Die Off threatens Trump and Oprah

The generation gap might make Oprah for president a footnote in the history books.

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Can Walgreens Survive the Retail Apocalypse?

It is not supposed to be this way at Walgreens because gross profit, revenues, and operating income are growing at the company.

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Choosing a Bank for Your Financial Needs

Local banks are usually small in size and as such, it is easy to develop a personal relationship with the bank if you choose to work with them. The interest rates charged by such banks, however, are usually high as they may not have diversified their sources of income and the interest rates charged on loans could be their only source of income.

Large banks, on the other hand, have branches across the country and even internationally. Such banks have favourable rates for their loans and if this is what you are looking for in a bank, such banks are perfect for you.

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Is the Eastman Kodak Company Making Money?

Speculators might make some money by identifying low-cost companies with a stock that ICO promoters might target.
It is easy to see why Kodak is interested in ICOs and cryptocurrency mining. The company desperately needs all the money it can get.
The Eastman Kodak Company reported revenues of $379 million, a gross profit of $87 million, an operating loss of -$54 million, and a loss of -$46 million on September 30, 2017, Stockrow data indicates. The company also reported an operating cash flow of $3 million and a negative free cash flow of -$14 million on the same day.

The risks Kodak is taking here are vast because the plan is unproven. Cryptocurrency mining is a proven source of cash but the other ideas are new. Nobody knows if they are worth the risk.

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Google Joins in Media Promotion of Oprah Presidential Run

It looks as if Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG) is manufacturing history to give an Oprah presidential run a boost.
Trying to portray a TV huckster like Oprah as the heir or moral equivalent to Dr. King is insulting on every level.
The January 15, 2018, Google Doodle gives us a preview of what an Oprah campaign would look like. That is low on substance; utterly lacking in truth, based on white guilt, and motivated by nostalgia, simplistic patriotism, and emotions.

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Telegram planning $500 Million ICO

Unlike most ICO companies, Telegram has an established business but it is not clear if that business makes any money.

The plan is for Telegram users to send money through TON, which would transform Telegram from a humble messaging app to a financial network. That would make it a sort of PayPal or Venmo for blockchain applications. It would also be perfect for international remittances, money immigrants send to folks back home.

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Some Cryptocurrency Predictions for 2018

The biggest cryptocurrency event in 2018 will be the appearance of a government-issued cryptocurrency or a government ICO. There are plans for government ICOs in Venezuela and Estonia.

The Estonian effort is the most serious right now, but specifics on it are light. The Estonian ICO would have major effects because the Baltic Nation is part of the European Union and the Eurozone.

Expect the Ethereum Coin Price to shoot up if Estonia releases a cryptocurrency and the EU doesn’t try to kill it. There will be major speculative bubbles around both Ether and Estcoin if there is an Estonian ICO.

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Is Oprah for President for Real?

A greater problem Oprah faces is the speculation that her candidacy is being advanced by the corporate elite in an attempt to blunt the left. The idea is that big money donors think Oprah can stop a far-left candidate like Sanders, Zuckerberg, or U.S. Senator Liz Warren (D-Massachusetts) from winning the nomination. The elite fears such a candidate would sign tax increases and strengthened anti-trust laws, throw the weight of government behind unions, and expand regulations if elected.
Oprah’s acting experience might come in handy here; she’s used to reading a script and delivering a believable performance.

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The Retail Apocalypse is Alive and Well

Giving Walmart workers an extra $8 or $9 a day might have little or no impact on the economy. Walmart clerks can now afford to buy lunch at In-N-Out Burger; rather than at McDonald’s, how does that benefit the wider economy? Much higher wages will be needed for a real economic stimulus.

It remains to be seen if the $1,000 bonus and wage hike will have any effect on Main Street. Giving average families an extra $1,000 to pay off $1,000 of their credit card debt, might not do much for the economy. The average U.S. household now owes $15,654 in credit-card debt, Nerdwallet estimated.

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Is America Doomed to an Aggressive Foreign Policy?

All this means that the current state of permanent low-level war is likely to continue for at least another decade or longer. It also means that the next President will run on the same non-interventionist pledges as the last four and promptly break them.
War it seems has become the new normal. Perhaps we should welcome it, Britain’s massive colonial deployment in the 19th Century only ended in the buildup to World War I.

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