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There are internet rumors that the government of Estonia is about to launch a marketplace for blockhain investments and cryptocurrencies. The rumors include claims that the marketplace will be financed by an initial cryptocurrency offering (ICO) called TGE.

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Why Ethereum’s Coin Price may never Match Bitcoin’s

Under these conditions, a rising Ethereum Coin Price might drive down prices in the long run. The Coin Price would go down because miners rushing to cash in on the high prices would flood the market with new Ethereum, and drive the price back down. This is likely to happen soon, because Ethereum’s Coin Price reached $672.03 on December 14, 2017.

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Should we Tax Data or Advertising to Fund Basic Income?

“We could hold Google and Facebook and all those big multinationals accountable; we could make sure that people; like those who are currently ‘voluntarily’ contributing their data to pump up companies’ profits are given something that is adequate to support their livelihoods in exchange,” Fuller said.

Fuller’s idea makes a lot of sense because most of those companies’ values come from the data they collect and disseminate. Figuring out how to charge a tax on that data will be difficult because much of its value is theoretical.

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Former Head of Swisscom Digital Lab Joins Restart Energy Board of Advisers

“I strongly believe in the vision to create a global and decentralized marketplace for energy, and have full trust in the team’s capacity to succeed with such an ambitious roadmap — their achievements to date speak for themselves,” Trifa said in a Restart press release.

“After spending a decade in the Internet of Things market as an engineer and entrepreneur, I am convinced that the combination of IoT, Blockchain, A.I, and Big Data proposed by RED has the potential to entirely disrupt the existing old and inefficient energy market,” Trifa said.

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Taskfair hopes Blockchain can Disrupt Home Services

“We want to eliminate middlemen in home services and encourage everyone to adapt to the blockchain technology,” Taskfair cofounder and CEO Pavel Popov said. The idea is to connect contractors and service providers directly with customers.

The plan at Taskfair is to create a blockchain-based peer-to-peer (P2P) platform; which will serve as a go-to place for hiring handymen, gardeners, and house cleaners. The groundwork for Taskfair’s platform is being laid with an initial cryptocurrency offering (ICO); or Token Generation Event, of its TFT Token – which is scheduled to being on January 3, 2018.

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Restart Energy Aims to use Blockchain to Democratize Energy

Restart Energy has a very ambitious goal; to democratize energy distribution around the world through a global P2P platform powered by the Red MWAT Token. The ultimate hope is to create is create a new ecosystem for energy distribution managed by the RED (Restart Energy Distribution) platform and powered by the MWAT Token.

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Ant Financial’s World Conquest Continues

Beyond enabling Chinese business the Oxford deal gives Ant; and Tencent, a beachhead to enter the Canadian market. Once ensconced at the centers the two companies will start marketing their payment options to Canadians.

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Nobel Prize Winning Economists want Cryptocurrency Banned

Perhaps investors should buy Bitcoin next time a Nobel Prize-winning economist bad mouths it. The hostility of the Nobel winners seems to increase its value.

One reason why Stiglitz opposes cryptocurrency is that it might enable average people to thwart his economic policy prescriptions.

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U.S. Company Planning Cryptocurrency Debit Card

The Centra Card is supposed to be a MasterCard (NYSE: MA) product that will have some pretty impressive perks.

It should be noted that this is not certain, earlier Centra imagery showed a Visa card, which has apparently been changed. Currently, the website mentions MasterCard but does not show the MasterCard logo, which means that deal might not be final.

If all goes as planned the Centra Card will be able to convert Ethereum, DASH, Litecoin, Monero, Bitcoin, Ripple, Zcash, and the Centra token (CTR) into fiat currencies such as U.S. Dollars. Note: Centra’s website does not say what fiat currencies the card will convert altcoins into but it would presumably be the U.S. Dollar.

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Will America lose the Cryptocurrency Wars?

China is developing the next generation of financial technology, while America is still playing with its printing press.

Will it take Americans using Chinese or British cryptocurrency for all their transactions to get the Fed to realize what is going on? What’s truly scary is that things might be about to get far worse, because some U.S. politicians have a solution to the problem: ban Cryptocurrency.

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