Is Qtum a Good Investment?

A more modest but potentially lucrative development was the launch of Qtum Heroes which is described as “the world’s first blockchain game with specific gameplay. Qtum Heroes features include collection, simulation, and a multiplayer arena.

Qtum Heroes is the creation of Qtum, Chinese gaming company Mob Arts Entertainment Corporation and 777.Bingo. 777.Bingo is a blockchain entertainment platform built by Mob Arts. It is envisioned as a marketing and distribution for games, videos, and other entertainment products.

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Stupid Cryptocurrency Products

Paper wallets are perhaps the dumbest of all cryptocurrency-related products because there is no such thing as a paper wallet. In fact, there is no way to store cryptocurrency on paper.

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Annabelle Ransomware Decryption Tool being given away for Free

Bitdefender Labs is a batch of free ransomware decryption tools online right now. These “freemiums for good “include decryption solutions for the GrandCrab and BTCWare ransomware weapons.
The company is also offering a free ransomware recognition tool if you cannot tell which ransomware is attacking your devices. The tool can supposedly tell which family of ransomware the weapon encrypting your computer comes from. It can also direct you to an encryption tool if one exists.

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Blockchain Company Not Holding Token Generation Event

A visit to 777.Bingo’s website reveals no plans for a token sale. Instead the company, refreshingly, focuses on the product it wants to sell games. Even the name of the company’s token is hard to find through its site.


777.Bingo’s business plan is to sell games through the blockchain; rather than tokens, the company’s Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) Matt Lee revealed. Lee views the blockchain as merely a distribution channel rather than a product.

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Apple Pay more Popular than WeChat Pay in Hong Kong

Strangely enough, Hong Kong consumers liked WeChat Pay better but used Apple Pay more.

Only 8% of respondents admitted to using WeChat Pay, 16% used Ant Financial’s Alipay, and 17% used Alphabet’s (NASDAQ: GOOG) Google Pay.

Even though WeChat Pay was number three; it had the highest customer satisfaction rating of 7.7 out of 10 points, Apple Pay was number two with 7.6 points.

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FTC Venmo not a Reliable payment Method and not Secure

It sounds as if Venmo might need a serious upgrade before it can make money. That means PayPal CEO Dan Schulman’s promise to monetize Venmo might have to wait. Despite the problems, Schulman still believes in Venmo and stands by it.

Disturbingly, most of the victims did not realize that Zelle was a P2P app. They thought it was a digital wallet like PayPal which it is not.

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PayPal trying to Patent Next-Generation Cryptocurrency Processing System

U.S. Patent Application 20180060860 filed on August 30, 2016, is for an “Expedited Virtual Currency Transaction System,” Captain Altcoin reported. The system is supposed to speed up cryptocurrency transactions and ensure security with “private keys.”

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Vitalik Buterin plans Raiden Network Alternative

It sounds as if Buterin has admitted that smart contracts are not very smart, or very useful in the real world. The existence of Plasma indicates that Poon and Buterin believe that a lot of work needs to be done before Smart Contracts are ready for mass use.

The hope behind Plasma is to increase the scalability and speed of Ethereum smart contracts. Like Bitcoin, Ethereum has a serious scalability problem, currently a block of Ethereum can only execute around 20 transactions a second; or 1,200 transactions a minute. That makes it impractical for large-scale commercial applications.

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Meet Emercoin the Ethereum without the Ethereum?

There’s no guarantee this will work, but Emercoin is utilizing a proven business model to tap a potential source of income. That shows the company behind it has an astute management team that understands they need to make money to survive.

• Visitor: An ordinary web-user who clicks on an advertisement on the Host’s website and arrives at the Buyer’s website.
That sounds simple until one realizes that it sounds a great deal like the Google advertising which financed the building of the Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG) empire. Google generated $95.38 billion in advertising revenues in 2017, Statista reported. That accounted for 70.9% of Alphabets’ (NASDAQ: GOOGL) 2017 revenues of $110.9 billion.

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The Universa Cryptocurrency is Building a Better Blockchain

The Universa team claims that their system will be one thousand times faster and one hundred times cheaper than Bitcoin (BTC). They also boast that their system will be far more scalable and capable of offering 20,000 transactions a second.

That compares favorably to Visa’s (NYSE: V) global payment system which is supposedly capable of handling 24,000 transactions a second. Visa claims to be able to process 24,000 transactions a second and to handle 140 million transactions a day. That might translate into a lot of cash of if Universa is capable of living up to that hype.

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