Alipay Teams up with Yelp

Yelp then would be a great investment for Ant Financial; or Walmart, but a lousy investment for you because it is overpriced and makes little money. Although working with Yelp proves claims that Ant Financial is the world’s most value unicorn (pre-IPO company) and justifies the $70 million valuations for it. Smart investors should forget about Yelp and wait for Ant’s initial public offering (IPO) because Ant will be a value investment.

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Beijing Transit says no to Apple Pay

It looks as if both the future of Apple Pay; and American-Chinese relations, are becoming far more complicated. One wonders if U.S. nationalists; like President Donald J. Trump (R-New York), will retaliate against Ant Financial’s Alipay digital wallet which is now widely available in the United States.

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Is Bitcoin Driving’s Success?

These numbers raise an important question: what is driving Overstock’s sudden rally? My guess is that it is bitcoin, and it might indicate that cryptocurrencies have passed an important milestone.

The milestone is this: more conservative investors; including value investors, have taken notice of altcoins. These people would not invest in cryptocurrencies directly but they are looking for stocks that might from them. Overstock is one of those because it takes direct bitcoin payments; unlike most online retailers including Amazon.

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New App and Visa lets users use Bitcoin, Ethereum and DASH at stores and ATMs

Shakepay offers users chip and pin plastic Visa debit cards and a virtual Visa card for online payments. The card and app will convert Bitcoin, Ether and DASH (formerly Darkcoin) into US dollars or Euros, Shake’s website indicates.

The Shakepay App is available for Android right now but not for Apple. Obviously it should be possible to use Shakepay Visas via Android Pay and Apple Pay, which take Visa credit cards.

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Should we buy NEO or be Afraid of it?

NEO might be far more than just a cryptocurrency. Smart investors would be well advised to buy it now, because the team behind NEO might have some important backers in high places – in Beijing.

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Five Things Investors Must Always Remember about Bubbles

The moral of the story is to stay away from bubbles but never read too much into them. Always remember that at the end of the day, a bubble is nothing but a bunch of fools wasting their money on an overpriced asset. A bubble is simply normal human behavior not necessarily a sign of the apocalypse.

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Capital One Keeps Growing

Another opportunity for Capital One investors is all the hysteria about banking being doomed.

The truth is that retail banking is doomed but banking has a long future ahead of it and Capital One will be a big part of it. Capital One’s future is bright because of the extensive business it does on line. It might be in a better position to cash in on the growth of online banking and app-based payments.

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Can Gold Miners Still Make Money?

One potential culprit for gold’s weak performance is cryptocurrencies. The altcoin market might be sucking up money that might normally be going to gold.

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Is Visa the Best Value in Finance?

This allows Visa to make a small profit off of every altcoin transaction without taking the risk of directly investing in cryptocurrency. To add icing to the cake, even more revenue from altcoins might be right around the corner for Visa.

A Singapore unicorn called TenX claims to have created a Visa card that can automatically convert cryptocurrencies; such as bitcoin and ethereum, into fiat currencies such as the US dollar. A TenX Youtube video shows Cofounder Paul Kitti using a digital wallet to pay for burgers at McDonalds with Dash (Darkcoin) a lesser altcoin.

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Apple Pay is coming to Scandinavia and the Middle East

Apple Pay will be available in Scandinavia and the Middle East for the first time. The digital wallet will be rolled out in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Sweden and Denmark later this year, TechCrunch reported. The announcement was made during Apple’s (NASDAQ: AAPL) second-quarter 2017 earnings call.

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