The Basic Income Cryptocurrency is here

This makes Swift Demand one of the most interesting and ambitious blockchain platforms yet seen. Its goal is to build an entirely new type of economy based on a new kind of currency.
A whitepaper describes Swift Demand as “a transactional currency that provides a basic income.” That makes Swift Demand a basic income experiment as well as a blockchain platform.

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The Dream Place! Meet Yumerium – A Blockchain Platform For Games

Meet Yumerium – A Blockchain Platform For Games

The idea behind this project is to create a token that is earned by players. Players can subsequently use the token to advance their play through in-game items and other incentives.

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Goldman Sachs plans Apple Pay Credit Card

An interesting goal for Apple would be the creation of a “financial App store” where a wide variety of solutions like Marcus would be available to consumers. Future solutions might include checking accounts, loans, insurance, investments, annuities, remittances, wire transfers, and investment advice from Goldman Sachs.

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These Cryptocurrencies might benefit from Legalized Sports Betting in the USA

Sports betting can be big business in the United States; The New York Times estimated the value of illegal sport wagers in the USA at $150 billion a year. The potential market for such betting is huge; there were 57.4 million fantasy-sports players in North America in 2016, according to an Ipsos Public Affairs poll commissioned by the Fantasy Sports Trade Association.

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These Cryptocurrencies want to Shake up Payment will Banks let them?

Specifically, Pundi X has created a device, a sort of payment terminal that connects with a user’s phone allowing them to spend cryptocurrency at a brick and mortar store. The ultimate goal would be a sort of Square (NYSE: SQ) for the cryptocurrency payments. That is a device that would function as a cash register for cryptocurrency transactions.

Each of these cryptocurrencies provides a cautionary tale for altcoin investors and speculators. The moral of that story is that each of these projects is theoretical and their technologies and business plans unproven.

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Cash and Credit Cards are dying and the Fed is Clueless

What will take to force the Fed to crack down on payment apps? The theft of hundreds of millions of dollars from average Americans through a security breach in Apple or Google Pay?

Contrary to popular belief, money can be created without a government mandate. Any medium of exchange that citizens accept can function as money and create all the problems that money can such as inflation.

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Is Consumer Data Really the Oil of the 21st Century?

Personal Data is worth a lot of money, but nobody knows exactly how much. A Medium post by Wibson gave a figure of $240 a year per person which is good, but at odds with Opiria’s estimate of $5,000 a year.
Wibson’s estimate is only based on advertising data, rather than specific information collected by companies. Estimates for Big Data are a little lower; its value was estimated at $125 billion in 2015 by Forbes.

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Ripple Lawsuit might Change Cryptocurrencies’ Legal Status

One way Coffey v. Ripple Labs would change the cryptocurrency market is by proving that ICO and altcoin owners have many of the same rights as stockholders.

If courts agree with the claims of Coffee’s lawyer; James Q. Taylor-Copeland, the case might force the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to regulate all ICOs and cryptocurrencies like securities.

That might create a level of regulation and legal oversight that would make cryptocurrencies unprofitable and perhaps unviable in the United States. It would certainly threaten all the financial services altcoins such as BAAB (BAX) and Bancor (BNT).

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Is Rivetz a Good Investment?

Rivetz (RVT) is sort of the equivalent of venture capital with one very interesting difference. Investors simply get the token, which has no value in itself, and no ownership in the company.

Rivetz (RVT) is an ERC20 protocol (Ethereum-based) token that is compatible with Bancor (BNT) and part of the Bancor Network or liquidity. That gives it a little value as a cryptocurrency; it had a Coin Price of 0.00044 in Ethereum (ETH) on May 7, 2018, but no value as an investment.

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