BitMinutes Pre-ICO Price Jumps another $0.002 This Monday

“We are in the process of obtaining approval from the Financial Monetary Authority of Lichtenstein, adding European connections to our network,” BitMinutes CEO Tom Meredith revealed.

BitMinutes has a business plan that includes a peer to peer (P2P) cash transaction engine, payout channels, smart tokens, and plans to connect with the RTGS Bank Network, SWIFT, MasterCard, Ripple (XRP), and TAN Agent. BitMinutes is already licensed by the federal government and states in the United States and its platform is operating on the globally scalable Amazon Cloud operated by Amazon Web Services right now.

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Mobile Wallet for Lighting Network Available

The Telegram (TON) token will have its own wallet and a ticker symbol GRAM. One Gram is supposed to be worth 10¢ in U.S. Dollars. Around 850 million GRAMs have been sold in a presale to 81 selected investors.

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Is SALT a good Investment?

SALT’s micro-lending might not be practical with today’s blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.

The greatest technological barrier to SALT’s business model is the scalability problem. Scalability is the maximum size of the blocks or architecture of the blockchain. The size of the blockchain determines the volume of transactions a platform can platform. That means it might not be possible for SALT to process enough loans to serve a mass market. 

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UpToken ATM based Cryptocurrency on the Market

That is not the kind of mass market that would make the UpToken a viable or profitable product. Perhaps CoinMe should forget about UP and concentrate on expanding their footprint. It might also be a good idea for them to look into other products such as vending machines which are far more popular in the United States.

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Is MoneyGram Making Money?

Ripple might help MoneyGram make money because people would be able to send XRP payments to its stores.
The customers would be able to pick up the payment in cash or get it converted into fiat currency and downloaded into a debit card at MoneyGram. Another popular use for Ripple would be to convert it into fiat currencies to pay utility, tax or other bills from MoneyGram.

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Ripple Joins Hyperledger, Central Banks experimenting with Blockchain Securities Swaps

Ripple (XRP) has joined the Linux Foundation-sponsored Hyperledger Project. This move is potentially disruptive because the Hyperledger Project is an

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Meet Federico Tenga: The guy who teaches North Koreans about Bitcoin

It was no surprise, then, that Pyongyang University of Science and Technology (PUST) invited Federico Tenga, an avid Bitcoiner, and co-founder of Chainside, to teach their Computer Science and Finance students about Bitcoin (BTC).

“It’s one of the only places which feels fundamentally different from the rest of the world…”

I’d also consider myself to be a Libertarian, so visiting a country so controlled by the government like North Korea was particularly intriguing to me. It’s one of the only places which feels fundamentally different from the rest of the world because they aren’t as connected to it.

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China’s Central Bank testing Blockchain Platform

An institute linked to China’s Central bank; the People’s Bank of China (PBOC), is testing a blockchain-based platform. The Blockchain

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Gnosis and Stox are Cryptocurrencies based on Prediction

The thinking behind a prediction market is that the wisdom of the crowd can determine the outcome. and collecting bets is the best means of learning what the wisdom of the crowd.

The belief is that markets are the more efficient mechanism for gauging human opinion, and that taking bets is the best way to get honest results from a survey.

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61 Japanese Banks plan to Offer Ripple Mobile App

Money Tap will use a QR (quick read) code to communicate with cash registers and automatic teller machines (ATMs), reported. Theoretically, Money Tap would allow individuals to make brick and mortar purchases with Ripple; move Ripple funds into bank accounts, convert Ripple funds into cash and withdraw it from ATMs or cash registers, and make cash deposits through ATMs that can be converted into Ripple.

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