Upgrades to Our Tax and Health Insurance Systems that would benefit all Americans

• Allow all employers to purchase Medicare and/or Medicaid coverage for their employees.

• Allow insurance agents, insurance companies, nonprofit organizations; and retailers such as Walmart and Amazon, to sell Medicare and/or Medicaid policies in exchange for a commission say $25 to $100 a policy.

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A Few Important Things to Learn about History and the Thucydides Trap

China and America are the only nations that might be caught in the Thucydides Trap. Not true it might also ensnare China and Russia, US and Russia, China and India, Iran and Saudi Arabia and even China and France. My view is that conflict between India and China or Russia and China might be more likely because nobody expects it. Many people are aware of the possibility of a Sino-American clash and are working to prevent it. Nobody is trying to stop a Russian-Chinese conflict.

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Five Truly Prophetic Science Fiction Novels

That makes truly prophetic science fiction pretty extraordinary and explains why most people won’t take the genre seriously. Fortunately there are a few truly science fiction stories and novels out there. Unfortunately most of them were written by one guy: Robert A. Heinlein.

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Some Great American Movies for the Fourth of July

There might be no better way to celebrate the Fourth of July than by partaking of that great American art form known as film.

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The Surprising Return of the Aircraft Carrier

Watch the carrier race carefully because it might be beginning of a scramble for naval power among the world’s nations which can have disastrous results. Perhaps the world’s leaders should stop focusing so much time and energy on nuclear disarmament; and take some efforts to halt or reverse the proliferation of aircraft carriers. They might be the weapon with which the next war is fought.

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Three Strangely Prophetic Plotlines from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Instead of mere entertainment, Buffy the Vampire Slayer becomes a disturbing premonition of some of the darker aspects of our modern reality. That’s saying a lot for a teen series that was often ignored when it first appeared.

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The Dark Side of Low Technology Utopias

The worst aspect of low tech utopianism is that like most idealists, its practitioners ignore human nature. Like the Communists and Libertarians the low-techers accept the delusion that human weakness can be overcome by simple idealism.

Set in a low-tech 19th Century environment most Americans would behave like Jefferson Davis; the slaving-owning Confederate President, not Thoreau. After all life on the veranda; sipping a mint julip, is far more comfortable than life in the fields.

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What Motivates Vladimir Putin?

One potential danger is that Putin views all forms of modernity including Capitalism, Communism, parliamentary democracy and multiculturalism as evils that must be fought.
Another aspect of Putin’s world order is to discredit the most visible alternative to his conservative thuggery: democracy. He is doing that by trying to undermine basic institutions in the world’s most visible democracy: the United States.

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How Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain can Improve Government

A skillful use of a combination of artificial intelligence and block chain might increase the efficiency, transparency and effectiveness of government.

There are many ways that blockchain and AI can reduce the cost of government while making it more responsive to citizens. Even some age old abuses might be corrected or eliminated by these cutting edge technologies.

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