How the Baby Boomers Wrecked America – and tried to Wreck the World

Like a true sociopath, Baby Boomer America breaks stuff – then refuses to pay the bill. Harry S. Truman and George C. Marshall are undoubtedly rolling over in their graves.

Unfortunately, this is just a sampling of the sociopathic behavior of Boomers in power. Gibney’s expose of Boomer malfeasance is far more detailed but disturbingly he does not go far enough.

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Fiat Currency is Broken, can Cryptocurrency fix it?

If cryptocurrency critics are serious about halting the rise of the altcoin economy they need to start addressing and fixing the problems with fiat currency. In particular, they need to address the disconnect between the financial system and fiat currency. Unless that occurs cryptocurrency’s popularity will keep growing and it might overwhelm fiat currency at some point.

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Truisms of Wisdom

“Nostalgia is the first refuge of those with no imagination.”

“Nostalgia is one of the most dangerous diseases on Earth. The person who discovers a cure for it will become a billionaire.”

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Is it time to Change How we pick the President?

Something must be done because it is getting difficult for our government to undertake basic functions like setting a budget. Under our current system, effective government is becoming impossible and the Presidency is becoming a meaningless office. Some sort of drastic reform is needed to prevent a crisis of government; or a situation in which America is totally leaderless.
Such figures raise serious questions about the coherence of our society and the long-term viability of our democracy. Can a society where a large percentage of the population refuses to accept the legitimacy of the government? History demonstrates that countries like the Soviet Union; where many citizens viewed the government as illegal, collapsed.

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U.S. Leaders want to make it easier for Terrorists to Get Nuclear Weapons

General Mattis and Brouillette want to make it easier for terrorists to blow up a U.S. city and kill hundreds of thousands of Americans. I imagine that ISIS’s leaders are already planning to steal one of Mattis’s bombs and figuring out which American city they want to nuke.

What would happen if several hundred terrorists; possibly equipped with tanks and artillery, overran a U.S. base where low-yield nukes were stored? Would we be treated to a video of American military personnel being forced to load nuclear weapons into terrorist trucks at gunpoint released on YouTube to create panic?

The last thing our military should be doing is giving terrorists the means to kill hundreds of thousands of Americans or other innocent people. That seems to be exactly what Mattis and his advisors are planning.

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America Needs more Tax Revenue Here are some Ways to Generate It

Norway’s sovereign wealth fund or Government Pension Fund was worth $1 trillion in October 2017, Forbes contributor Niall McCarthy calculated. That amount is equal to the size of Mexico’s economy, and translates into $190,000 for each of the Kingdom of Norway’s 5.2 million citizens.

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India should Consider Joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Indian membership in the TPP would be a next logical step because it would give India access to all the economies in the Partnership. That includes one of the world’s top 10 oil producers – Canada.

It would also provide India access to some of the world’s largest producers of vital minerals. TPP member Chile is one of the world’s largest producers of copper, while Australia is a major source of both iron ore and coal.

The United States is the world’s second largest oil producer and a major source of coal, as well as the world’s premier creator of cutting-edge technologies. TPP membership might give India access to those markets as well.

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Is America Doomed to an Aggressive Foreign Policy?

All this means that the current state of permanent low-level war is likely to continue for at least another decade or longer. It also means that the next President will run on the same non-interventionist pledges as the last four and promptly break them.
War it seems has become the new normal. Perhaps we should welcome it, Britain’s massive colonial deployment in the 19th Century only ended in the buildup to World War I.

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