Where to Find Linux for Windows XP

Linux OS distribution is now a Reasonable Option for average users still using Windows XP on older computers.

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A few Suggestions for Tax Reform

Such measures would be more popular and get more votes than the mess recently passed by Republicans. They will also undoubtedly be far more popular than whatever tax-reform nightmare the Democrats attempt to inflict upon Americans in the near future.

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The Era of the Human Driven Automobile is over

“My reply was that we don’t need the public acceptance of autonomous vehicles at first,” Lutz said. “All we need is acceptance by the big fleets: Uber, Lyft, FedEx, UPS, the U.S. Postal Service, utility companies, delivery services.”

Simple economics will drive the change because automakers will cater to their biggest customers. Many regular cars will disappear because parts and maintenance for them will no longer be available.

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Is Warren Buffett right about General Motors?

General Motors itself recognizes these realities; it has launched a short-term rental service called Maven. Maven is an app-based company that boasts it can provide: “Cars to Fit Your Every Need.” If you need a van, a minivan, a pickup truck, an SUV, an econobox, or a station wagon you can order it at the touch of an app.

The future is cars on tap or cars on the app and General Motors is there. Some of Maven’s marketing claims include; “Free from cost of ownership,” “never pay for gas and insurance,” and “Don’t worry about vehicle maintenance.” Anybody who has ever worried about covering the cost of a car insurance payment, new tires, or a tank of gas will find those claims appealing.

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Retailing Electricity on the Blockchain ICOs aim to make Electricity a Commodity

It looks as if the future of electricity marketing will take the form of retail. One wonders if this is a viable industry and if energy-based cryptocurrencies will one day become a value investment.

The marriage of cryptocurrency and energy might create a fascinating new class of investments. Only time will tell if these tokens will have any real value.

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What you are Missing Out on Without Frequent Flyer Programs and Points?

You might have missed out on many opportunities of complementary upgrades from economy to first class without getting registered for a frequent flyer program. There is a major difference between different seating classes.

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New Customers are coming in so fast Cryptocurrency Exchange cannot keep up with demand

The number of people registering for CEX.IO trading accounts; was so great that the company’s customer service team was unable to process them all, a blog post reveals. Since the post had not been updated on 2 January 2018 and the suspension announcement was still up on that day, it appears CEX.IO is still swamped.

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Chase Freedom Giving Cash back on Android Pay and other Digital Wallets

Walmart Pay users will not get cash back by paying with Chase Freedom, but they can get 5% Cashback by using Chase Pay at Walmart. Walmart (NYSE: WMT), America’s retailer accepts Chase Pay because it is a quick-read (QR) code based application like Walmart Pay. Although Chase Pay users can get 10% cash back at Walmart; if they pay with the Chase Sapphire or Freedom Unlimited Cards, before December 24, 2017, Nerdwallet reported.

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Golem might be the most Disruptive Cryptocurrency Ever

Golem has the potential to disrupt almost everything if it works as advertised and brings artificial intelligence and supercomputing to the masses. The Golem Network can be ultra-disruptive because it is a global open-sourced, decentralized supercomputer. If Golem’s plans succeed it will give everybody access to a supercomputer via the internet and the blockchain.

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