A Powerful New Idea for Financing Healthcare Research and Curing Cancer

Fortunately, Lo may have figured out how to finance healthcare research and the war on cancer without raising taxes.

His suggestion is for Uncle Sam to issue CancerCures bonds similar to the war bonds the US government issued to finance World War II. The bonds would finance biomedical research into a cancer cure.

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MIT starts Commercializing Hot Fusion

“Researchers at MIT have designed a way to use high-temperature superconductors to produce powerful magnetic fields that provide superior confinement of the hot plasma — enabling a net energy fusion device at much smaller scale than did previous experiments,” MIT Vice President for Research Maria T. Zuber wrote in The Boston Globe.
Commonwealth Fusion Systems was founded by former MIT students and researchers that want to commercialize hot fusion. Commonwealth has also received some money from unidentified “U.S. Investment Funds,” Zuber claimed.

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From Humble Beginnings To Unparalleled Success – The Growth of Fantasy Sports

Fantasy leagues a popular pastime as participants, who, according to BettingSites, feel like they have a genuine level of control: they can manage their team, make squad changes, and fulfil their wildest managerial dreams. Unlike pure sports betting, fantasy sports require serious research and strategic management of limited resources.

Participating in a fantasy sport league allows you to test your managerial skills and see if your sporting and tactical knowledge is as good as you have always thought! Throw in the chance to win cash prizes and it is easy to see why platforms such as DraftKings are now worth billions of US dollars.

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Is the WWE really making money?

That makes WWE a pretty good metric for other traditional entertainment companies that are trying to transition to digital-content providers. We might be seeing the future of companies as diverse as TV networks like CBS (NYSE: CBS) and movie studios like Lionsgate Entertainment Group (NYSE: LGF.A) at WWE.

The advantages of this business model are that the WWE can generate cash flow without having to pander to advertisers.

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Why is Microsoft’s Revenue Growing?

More importantly, Microsoft has accumulated an incredible amount of float including; $142.780 billion in cash and equivalents on December 31, 2017. That cash composed most of Microsoft’s $167.633 billion in assets.

Another threat to Excel; would be a money manager program that actively manages your accounts, cuts your payroll, pays your bills, balances your checking account, and invests your money for your company. Such a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in a box might be possible with present-day technology.

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Basic Income Proposed in UK

“By borrowing around £200 billion ($280.25 billion) at historically low-interest rates the government could establish a fund; potentially able to pay itself back through economic growth engendered by investment in human capability from the fund,” the RSA claimed. The fund would be based upon the one already in operation in Norway, CNBC reported. That found is reportedly worth around $1 trillion (£700 billion) and was financed with oil revenues.

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Is SpaceX now a Threat to Sirius XM?

It looks as if Musk might have hit upon a trillion-dollar idea here but it is several years away. Until then, Sirius XM is a pretty good low-priced value investment. Only time will tell if its business model can be rolled out worldwide by SpaceX through Starlink.

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Is Facebook losing the Audience it needs most?

What’s truly frightening is that Facebook’s audience decline is accelerating. eMarketer predicted that the Social Network will lose 2.1 million members of Generation Z (Americans under 25) in 2018.

The potential losses include 9.3% of users under 11; 5.6% of the users between 12 and 17, and 5.8% of those between 18 and 24, Recode noted. This means that the younger the person is, the less likely he or she is to go near Facebook.

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PayPal adds Instant Transfer to Venmo

This should greatly increase Venmo use by eliminating two of the greatest drawbacks to the app. Those drawbacks were the inability to use it at most brick and mortar businesses, and the difficulty converting Venmo funds into paper cash.

Payments will be the big tech battle of 2018. Expect competition in this sector to heat up as PayPal starts raking in more cash.

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