Uber Accused of Spying on Lyft Drivers, Might be Thrown out of London

Transport’s board is considering revoking Uber’s license which would bar it from operating in London, Business Insider reported. Three members of the board want the license pulled because of the country’s bad behavior.

Even if the license is renewed Uber’s operations might face serious restrictions in London. The license must be renewed by the end of London for Uber to operate in the city.

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Some Cool Things you can do with a Falling Dollar

American patriots might cringe at this collapse of the greenback, but there are many positive side effects. Shrewd investors can make a lot of money and have a lot of fun with a falling dollar.

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$350 Drone Penetrated Security of a $5.02 Billion Aircraft Carrier

Therefore it would be possible to destroy one of the world’s largest and most technologically advanced warships; and up to 40 of the world’s most advanced warplanes, for a cost of less than $400 (£310.47). That would also put the lives of the 1,600 people onboard the 65,000 ton Queen Elizabeth at risk.

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Did Uber Lease Unsafe Vehicles to Drivers?

One wonders if Uber will be able to find a leader before it collapses and gets sold. A major problem Uber faces is to find a CEO with both tech; and auto industry, experience. Barra would have been the logical choice, but it makes no sense for her to join Uber. After all she has a great job turning around a much bigger company.

A more likely outcome would be for Barra to buy Uber and fold it into GM, which would drive Silicon Valley geeks crazy. Once again Uber’s survival as a viable independent company is called into question; as its status as the world’s most valuable unicorn?

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The Financial Crisis Facing Airbnb Hosts

Airbnb Hosts in New York are five times more likely to be white than black.

White Airbnb hosts in black neighborhoods in New York earned $159.70 million from Airbnb. Meanwhile, African American hosts only earned $48.3 million; less than a third of the revenue the whites made.

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How can Netflix Survive?

The cash from financing raises some serious questions about some of the other numbers in Netflix’s second quarter earnings report which don’t add up. First there’s the income of $362.09 million; if Netflix lost $1.9 billion from its operations – where did that come from?

The cynic in me will say from borrowing, which means it is not income. Funds that you borrow have to be paid back or written off at some point. That goes doubly so for the kind of money Netflix is probably borrowing; namely corporate paper or private equity.

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Would Amazon buy Sears or Nordstrom?

This does not mean Amazon would not buy a department store. I can certainly picture it acquiring Nordstrom (NYSE: JWN); which has a “best in the industry” reputation, and a loyal customer following much like Whole Foods. It also likes to implement next generation retail practices like setting up “storefronts” for online merchants and Tesla dealerships in its stores.

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Buying Disney Makes no Sense for Verizon

There is a simple reason why Disney and Verizon do not need each other both companies are making a lot of money without each other. Ycharts data indicates that these companies are doing great on their own.

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Uber and Lyft Killing Credit Unions

That means medallions are still valuable they’re just not as valuable as they used to be. One interesting pool of customers for them in the future might be successful Uber and Lyft drivers trying to branch out to new businesses.

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Why are American Healthcare Costs so High?

Is Uncle Warren right would single-payer reduce healthcare costs? Maybe; remember we already have single-payer for seniors in the form of Medicare, and it does a lousy job of controlling costs. One reason for this is that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid are barred from negotiating for prescription drug prices.

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