Is Domino’s the Most Overvalued Stock in America?

The low cash flow at Domino’s is a problem because the company is threatened by a variety of competitors, some of which have greater resources.

Domino’s biggest direct competitors these days are not Yum! Brands’ (NYSE: YUM) Pizza Hut but GrubHub (NYSE: GRUB) and UBER EATS. These services are potentially a deadly threat to Domino’s because they can deliver far more than pizza at a competitive price.

GrubHub and UberEats can deliver anything from a fast food burger to a gourmet meal. That threatens Domino’s because there are a now vast number of alternatives to its pizzas that are just as convenient and might sell at a comparable price.

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Do Newspapers Make Money?

There are also serious doubts about the conventional wisdom that digital advertising is the best means of reaching customers. Last year, Proctor & Gamble (NYSE: PG) cut its digital advertising spending by $200 million because that medium simply was not working, Ad Age reported. The money was reinvested in other areas such as television, e-commerce, and audio (radio).
There are two ways that newspapers like The Times and The Post might make a lot of money in today’s world.

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Is George Soros Right about

The whole tZERO proposition might make sense if were actually making money. data indicates the company is losing money right now.
tZERO is described as an effort to build a “front-end trading system” designed to reduce settlement costs and make auditing easier. The company is trying to build a distributed-ledger platform marketplace for accounts receivable; which would be lucrative if it works.

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Is Honda Making Money?

That means checking the sales and financial reports of Honda Motor Corporation (NYSE: HMC) is a great way to measure the economic health of the American middle class.
The Honda yardstick indicates the American middle class is doing well, American Honda broke an all times sales record for the third year in a row, a press release indicates. Honda sold 1.641 million vehicles in 2017, and some of its models including the Civic, CR-V, and HR-V hit sales records.

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Some Big Characters that Might join the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Dr. Doom – Marvel’s top villain has a great look and fearsome power. His role as the dictator of a European nation can lead to some fascinating plot twists. Doom also has a logical long-time rivalry with Iron Man, i.e. are super geniuses that wear heavily weaponized battle armor. A possibility would be to have Doom show up in an Avengers or Iron Man movie before clashing with the Fantastic Four. Doom would give the Iron Man movies, the one thing they’ve lacked – a truly fearsome and effective villain.

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39 Facts about Uber

Uber is changing the face of our cities and the way we get around. It might disrupt far more than that by deploying such technologies as self-driving cars, same-day delivery solutions, new types of auto insurance, and even flying cars.

Despite countless scandals and an incredible amount of controversy, it appears that Uber is here to stay. The size and scope of this company is incredible, and its potential for disruption is vast. The infographic below will show you just how big and how disruptive Uber really is.  

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The Alphabet Money Machine, threatened by Trump?

The biggest current threat to Alphabet might be the trade war that U.S. President Donald J. Trump (R-New York) has declared against the European Union (EU).

The greatest long-term threat to Alphabet is all the competition it is receiving in advertising. Menaces there include social media such as Facebook’s (NASDAQ: FB) and its WhatsApp solution. WhatsApp had 1.5 billion users in December 2017, Statista calculated.

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Can Netflix Survive in the Age of Disney?

Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) is facing a very tough and dramatic battle for survival. Its biggest content supplier; the Walt Disney

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Disneyland workers live below poverty line, Disney reported $4.423 billion in Net Income

• Around 73% of Disneyland employees admitted they did not make enough money to pay their bills.

• Around 11% of Disneyland employees admitted to being homeless within the last two years.

• Around 13% of Disneyland cast members with young children admitted to being homeless.

• Around 44% of the highest paid Disneyland cast members those who made more than $15 an hour admitted being unable to make ends meet.

• 67% of the Disneyland cast members that had been on the job had been for more than 15 years admitted to being unable to pay their monthly bills.

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Are Drones as an Investment?

The Facebook Bot apparently uses Ethereum blockchain technology to make secure transactions. The ultimate plan for Drone Employee is to create a blockchain platform to operate drones.
Drone Employee demonstrates just how great the potential of the intersection of the blockhain and the Internet of Things (IoT) is. It appears to be one of the first companies actually selling IoT services through the blockchain.

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