ICOs Banking on Advertising the Basic Attention Token and Adbank

The truly fascinating part of the Brave/Adbank story is that both organizations are trying to use the same technology; Ethereum smart contracts, to solve the same problem.

Two rival Ethereum-based blockchain solutions are betting that advertising profits can be translated into cryptocurrency cash.

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Yes Google is a Value Investment

There is a $16.4 billion two-fold threat to Alphabet’s advertising-based business model out there that a lot of investors will not see coming. It is advertising fraud and Big Business’s growing dissatisfaction with digital advertising in general.

Digital advertising fraud will cost brands $16.4 billion worldwide in 2017, the ad-verification company Adloox and The&Partnership predicted in April. That figure marks a 20% increase over the $12.5 Adloox estimated that brands lost to fraud in 2016, CNBC reported. Not surprisingly this level of fraud is upsetting some major advertisers.

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AI Playing Video Games, Learning Warehouse Jobs and Building other AI

The most frightening AI of all is being developed by a Google project called AutoML (machine learning). The goal of AutoML is to create an AI that can design and build other AIs, The Times reported.

Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG) is trying to build AI that can reproduce. The thinking behind AutoML is to reduce the need for the highly-paid engineers and computer scientists who to design and build AIs.

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Walmart wants Access to Your Fridge, Amazon wants French Grocery Stores

Details of the partnership were not available but it would presumably involve E. Leclerc accepting Amazon returns and possibly letting customers pick up Amazon orders in its stores. Another possibility is that customers might be able to order groceries from E. Leclerc through Amazon. Amazon recently entered into a similar arrangement with the ailing American department store chain Kohl’s (NYSE: KSS).

The privately-held E. Leclerc is France’s largest supermarket with 21.1% of the nation’s grocery market in April 2017, Statista reported. There were unsubstantiated rumors that Amazon might attempt to buy France’s second largest grocer Carrefour (OTC: CARR). Carrefour currently controls 20.9% of the French grocery market.

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Tesla to Add AI to Cars

“When I visit campuses and speak to the AI experts, there is a median year of 2050 where they think the self-learning capability of AI will be singular and will be at human-level intelligence,” Breyer said at Institutional Investor and CNBC’s Delivering Alpha conference on 20 September. “So, 2050? Does it happen? There are a lot of people who don’t think that is the case. It is median data from some of the best AI researchers in the world.”

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Google About to Disrupt the Energy Business

Hot fusion researchers at Tri Alpha Energy are testing a Google Research algorithm called Optometrist, The Guardian reported. Optometrist helped Tri Alpha reduce losses in its C2-U reactor by 50% and increase total plasma energy.

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Is Alphabet (Google) Finally Stumbling?

Sports fans know that even the greatest winning streaks end sooner or later. The same can be said of stocks,

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Big Earnings Week Amazon, P&G, Alphabet and Facebook Reporting

What’s even more frightening is that one bad earnings report from either Amazon or Google might trigger a market crash. Those companies are simply that huge and important to investors; that alone should have us asking if those behemoths are now too “big to fail.”

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Android Pay adds 72 Banks and Fandango

Alphabet (NASDAQ: NASDAQ: GOOG) added 72 banks and credit unions to the list of financial institutions that support Apple at the beginning of July, Android Police reported. This is addition to the 60 added just a couple of weeks earlier. That means 132 financial institutions joined those supporting Android Pay in just two weeks.

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Android Pay Adds International Remittances

WorldRemit might become a major player in the remittance and finance business because it has raised $148 million in venture capital. The next logical step for WorldRemit will be to launch its own digital wallet.

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