Chase Freedom Giving Cash back on Android Pay and other Digital Wallets

Walmart Pay users will not get cash back by paying with Chase Freedom, but they can get 5% Cashback by using Chase Pay at Walmart. Walmart (NYSE: WMT), America’s retailer accepts Chase Pay because it is a quick-read (QR) code based application like Walmart Pay. Although Chase Pay users can get 10% cash back at Walmart; if they pay with the Chase Sapphire or Freedom Unlimited Cards, before December 24, 2017, Nerdwallet reported.

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TenX Stupidity and French Bank will Support Apple Pay

That, of course, created a risk of theft and some nasty liabilities issues for TenX. Is the company responsible if a crook uses a stolen card number posted on its’ website?

Such shenanigans will definitely not endure TenX to Visa; which has shut off some of its cards, or to MasterCard which is just as hostile to cryptocurrency cards. Despite that the TenX debit cards are a pretty impressive product; they can convert several altcoins including DASH, Ethereum, and Bitcoin into fiat currencies instantly.

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Visa and the Value in Payments

Nor are mobile wallets such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Walmart Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, and Alipay, automatically a threat to Visa’s business.

Only 16% of Americans said they had used a mobile wallet in 2015, a JPMorgan Chase survey indicates. The same survey found that only 56% of large businesses and 25% of small businesses were accepting payments from such mobile wallets.

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Surprise Walmart Pay is winning the Payment Wars

Around 6% of 58,000 customers surveyed by Forester Research said they used Walmart Pay, Bloomberg Technology reported. About 7% of the same group said they had used Apple Pay in the past three months. That means the adoption rate of the two apps is about the same.

The number of active Walmart Pay users will surpass the number of Apple Pay users sometime next year, Richard Crone; the CEO of Crone Consulting told Bloomberg Technology on 7 November. Walmart Senior Vice President for Services and Digital Acceleration Daniel Eckert thinks his company’s victory in the payment wars will come sooner than that.

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Is Apple Really the Top Payment App? The numbers tell a different story

An even greater threat to Apple Pay is waiting in the wings in the form of Tez, a QR-code based payment app from Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG); the company popularly known as Google. Tez is currently only available in India; where it already has around five million users, aFaqs! reported. That’s chump change compared to India’s largest payment app Paytm which has over five million users. Tez is less than two months old, but its growth rate should scare Tim Cook to death.

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iPhone 8 Might Cost $1,200 and have no Fingerprint Reader

A shortage of parts might push the price on the most expensive Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) smartphone; the iPhone 8 to $1,399 (€1,226.06), analyst John Gruber told CNBC. Gruber thinks the iPhone 8 base price will be $1,199 (€1,050.79) and the highest end model will cost $1,399 (€1.226.06).

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Alipay Comes to America

Tim Cook’s worst nightmare then would be Walmart accepting Alipay but saying no to Apple Pay.

That would be a real coup for Ant because Walmart operates 4,672 stores in the United States; including 3,522 supercenters and 660 Sam’s Clubs. It might also force Apple and Alphabet to add QR code to their mobile wallets.

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Tim Cook: Apple Pay Grew by 450%

Tim Cook is hiding some important data about Apple Pay, for example he did not say how many users the digital wallet actually has. Cook’s omission of that important detail was deliberate; because it would show small Apple Pay’s footprint really is.

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Is Western Union Making Money?

Last week I noted that The Western Union (NYSE: WU) is enjoying some rare market growth with the help of

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Wells Fargo Allows Android Pay and Apple Pay Withdrawal at ATMs

The banking giant has plans to modify 13,000 ATMs to accept near field communications (NFC) apps such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay and Microsoft Wallet, TechCrunch reported. Around 5,000 ATMs can already accept NFC signals and they have been programmed to accepted Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay.

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