Goldman Sachs Bitcoin Value will increase by 52%

Jafari thinks bitcoin will enter a fifth wave that will see its price increase to $3,212 before dropping, CNBC reported. Her expectation is that bitcoin prices will slow then rebound to reach that number.

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The Value in Finance Bank of New York Mellon

Trump has proposed a tax holiday to let companies bring the money back, something that might be politically impossible to sell to Congress. Although a Republican Congress did give President George W. Bush a tax holiday in 2004 when two thirds of the earnings were repatriated, Wells noted.

If such a holiday were to occur; and it is a big if, a lot of the money would come through BNY Mellon. CNBC estimated that companies would bring $1.7 trillion back to the U.S. That might generate fees for Bank of New York which moves funds for big companies.

Such a holiday might be unlikely now because few Congressmen or Senators would want to be seen giving big corporations a huge tax break in today’s political climate. Hostility to Wall Street and big business is running high and destroying the careers of politicians seen as puppets of moneyed interest such as Hillary Clinton.

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Does Trump want to Increase U.S. Trade with China?

Trump’s first trade deal; the U.S.-China Comprehensive Economic Dialogue, might increase the American trade deficit with the People’s Republic, Forbes contributor Gordon G. Chang wrote. That might occur because the deal would allow Chinese companies to sell cooked poultry and financial services in the United States.

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Ant Financial; not Uber, is the World’s Most Valuable Unicorn

Ant Financial is potentially the world’s most valuable Unicorn and the next big IPO. Uber on the other hand end up as just a foot note in the history books or worse a bad joke. The future of Fintech and fantastic amounts of profit might just belong to Ant Financial and China.

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The Future of Banking at Goldman Sachs

Strangely enough the future of banking and finance is on display at Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS). The 147 year-old investment bank is quietly transforming itself into an information technology company, a paradigm shift that will be felt far beyond Wall Street.

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How Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain can Improve Government

A skillful use of a combination of artificial intelligence and block chain might increase the efficiency, transparency and effectiveness of government.

There are many ways that blockchain and AI can reduce the cost of government while making it more responsive to citizens. Even some age old abuses might be corrected or eliminated by these cutting edge technologies.

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Bank of America and the Uncertain Future of Consumer Banking

The uncertain future of Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) is threatened by the changing nature of consumer banking. The biggest

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How to get More Cash Flow with Airbnb

It is possible to increase your cash flow with Airbnb and even make a good living from the app. To do so you will have to work hard, be creative and be willing to think outside the box.

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Stocks poised for Growth in 2017

The great thing is that there are many companies poised for growth in 2017. Investors that do their research and trust their guts should make money in the market in 2017, so Happy New Year!!

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