Bitcoin the Bubble Continues, Ethereum is a Value Investment

This makes Ethereum a value investment because its’ far greater than Bitcoin’s but its’ value is lower. It also demonstrates that most investors know little or nothing about cryptocurrency if they did they would be buying far more Ethereum.

Two groups that clearly understand the potential of Ethereum are Big Business and Big Banks. Many of those organizations are participating in the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance, an open-sourced resource project designed to create and implement commercial applications for the Ethereum operating system.

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Walmart Brings Blockchain to the Grocery Store

If Walmart can roll out the world’s first blockchain-based inventory system it would be able to greatly reduce costs. That would make the company more efficient and ease the integration of online retail and brick and mortar stores.

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What can we learn from IBM’s Earnings Report?

Despite the revenue decline, IBM is still making a lot of money. It reported $11.83 billion in net income and a free cash flow of $3.533 billion on September 30, 2016.

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