A New Agenda for America

The idea behind this agenda is a simple one to create an economy that shares the benefits of capitalism with all Americans. If we do not do the hard work necessary to build such an economy, America will face serious political and social unrest.

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The Basic Income Cryptocurrency is here

This makes Swift Demand one of the most interesting and ambitious blockchain platforms yet seen. Its goal is to build an entirely new type of economy based on a new kind of currency.
A whitepaper describes Swift Demand as “a transactional currency that provides a basic income.” That makes Swift Demand a basic income experiment as well as a blockchain platform.

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Kroger hurt by Income Inequality and attacked by Jesse Jackson

Everybody should pay attention to what’s happening to Kroger because food deserts might be coming to their neighborhood soon.

The real problem is income inequality, people in many working-class neighborhoods; which are disproportionately minority, simply do not have the money to buy a lot of groceries.

The only way Kroger can make money is to operate markets in areas where it can sell expensive items like liquor and organic food. It is also ramping up delivery services which are more likely to serve affluent customers.
The reason for this is that middle and lower-class incomes are falling in the United States. When adjusted for inflation the average lower-class household income in the United States in 2000 was around $26,496 a year, by 2014 it had fallen to $24,074, Pew Research Center Data indicated. Lower-class families have $2,000 less to spend than they did less than 20 years ago.

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American Income Inequality – it’s worse than you think

• Today’s Wealth Gap is equal to that which existed in 1935 and 1940 – the last five years of the Great Depression.

• There are has been no growth in earned income, salary and wage earnings since around 1980 for 60% of the American population.

• Only 40% 0f the population has experienced income growth since 1980, but that income growth has been higher.

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America’s Income Inequality is worse than Russia’s

Income Inequality in the United States is now worse than in Russia. The gap between rich and poor is now greater in America than in the Russian Federation.

The richest 10% of Russians receive 46% of that nation’s income; the wealthiest 10% of Americans receive 47% of the USA’s wealth, The World Inequality Report for 2018 claims. 

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Ten Threats to America’s Real Estate Market

The question to ask is not will the real-estate bubble burst, but when and how will it burst. There are many things that can pop the bubble, but 10 threats to the real estate market stand out.

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Costco Defies the Odds

Costco has one thing in common with Amazon, it is a very cash rich company. On February 28, 2017 it reported $4.976 billion in cash from operations, $2.384 billion in in net income and $5.965 billion in cash and short-term investments. This was in spite of a free cash flow of -$23 million and a profit margin of 1.73%.

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Six Things about the US Economy that should scare you to Death

The Public Pension Crisis. State and local governments across the nation have accumulated $4.798 trillion in pension obligations, but they have only $3.607 to cover the promises to employees, The Hoover Institution calculated. That means they will have to come up with $1.91 trillion, and the most likely place it will come from is cutting basic government services.

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How Donald Trump will Make Income Inequality Worse

At the end of the day; Donald J. Trump will only make income inequality worse and set the stage for more class warfare. Hopefully his failure; like Hoover’s, will lead to real solutions rather than cheap populism and failed policies.

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