It is not Amazon that CVS Health is Afraid of

The real reason why CVS Health wants Aetna is to expand its vertically-integrated business model. Vertical integration means that one company controls as much of the production, financing, marketing, and distribution of a product or service as possible.

CVS Health is already partially vertically-integrated because it operates both drugstores and prescription-management plans. CVS operates clinics in some of its stores for the exact same reason. Buying a health insurance company would give CVS, even more, control over the process.

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Walgreen Boots Alliance Struggles to Survive

Medicare for All would be a boon for Walgreens by financing millions of new pharmacy customers and creating hundreds of thousands of new customers for its in-store clinics. That alone makes WBA a really good value investment to add to portfolios for the future but is it a value investment for the present.

Therefore a good wa

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Retail Apocalypse Heats up 6,700 stores have closed in 2017

2017 has become the worst year for store closings in the United States possibly since the Great Depression. There is a strong possibility that the actual number of store closings might exceed 10,000. Such a number is possible because analysts like Credit Suisse may not be counting franchisees and mom and pop stores that will also be going under.

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The Ever Growing List of Doomed Retailers

Expect to see a mass die-off of sick retailers in January and February of 2018 as the dust from the 2017 holiday season settles. If it is anything like last year’s numerous retailers are likely to report losses and more than a few will shut down.

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Kroger Gets no Respect from the Market

Finally, Kroger’s low price raises an intriguing possibility that will creep some people out. What would happen if Amazon bought Kroger?

It’s not probable; and might not pass muster with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), but it is a possibility we need to consider right now. Kroger is such a tremendous bargain right now, that it might attract Jeff Bezos’ attention.

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Dollar Tree Grows Again

One thing is certain both Dollar Tree and Dollar General are lousy investments because they are overpriced. Neither chain has done anything justify the high stock prices reported on September 12, 2017.

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Walmart keeps Growing and What’s Wrong at Amazon

A possible glimpse of Walmart’s future is provided by America’s second largest grocer Kroger. The situation at Kroger should certainly give WMT investors pause.

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Aldi wants to become Third Largest US Grocer

The German discounter plans to open 2,500 stores nationwide by 2022, Business Insider reported. That would make Aldi, America’s second largest supermarket operator behind Kroger (NYSE: KR) which operated 2,796 supermarkets and supercenters in 2016.

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Seven Threats to Costco

The available data indicates major changes in American lifestyles that bode ill for Costco. Statistics show that younger Americans are less likely to have a driver’s license, cook; data shows that Americans now spend more at restaurants than grocery stores, and are less likely to own a home (only 62.9% of Americans owned a home in 2016 the lowest level since 1965, Bloomberg reported). Costco’s business model is built upon the assumption that Americans will own and use a car; make most of their food purchases at a grocery store, and require home-maintenance supplies.

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