Electric Jaguar Charges Faster than Tesla

Strangely enough, the I-Pace might create more business for Tesla Energy’s supercharger filling stations for electric cars. The only place in town where people will be able to charge the I-Pace quickly might be at the Tesla or Volkswagen chargers.

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Volkswagen has Recovered from Diesel Gate is it Making Money?

Volkswagen has even more ambitious electric plans including a scheme called Roadmap E. That plan includes spending €14 billion ($17.36 billion) on ridesharing technology; to counter GM and BMW’s efforts in that area, and €20 billion ($24.80 billion) on electric-vehicle technology.

That means Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA) might not stand a chance. Volkswagen will own electric cars, and possibly ridesharing.

Therefore Volkswagen will be the world’s largest automaker for the foreseeable future – if the Roadmap E investments work as advertised. More importantly, Volkswagen will remain the value investment in global automakers because of its vast industrial infrastructure, gigantic footprint, and willingness to invest in new technology.

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Retailing Electricity on the Blockchain ICOs aim to make Electricity a Commodity

It looks as if the future of electricity marketing will take the form of retail. One wonders if this is a viable industry and if energy-based cryptocurrencies will one day become a value investment.

The marriage of cryptocurrency and energy might create a fascinating new class of investments. Only time will tell if these tokens will have any real value.

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Is Ford Making Money?

It goes without saying that Ford will be in a great position to buy up the remains of Tesla when it finally collapses.

Until then Ford and its competitors are enjoying some great auto sales. Americans purchased 17.4 million vehicles in November 2017, down slightly from 18.1 million in vehicles in October and 18.6 million in September, The Detroit Free Press reported.

More importantly, Ford’s sales rose by 6.7% in November while those at competitors fell. Fiat Chrysler’s (NYSE: FCAU) sales fell by 4% and General Motors’ (NYSE: GM) slid by 2.9%.

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Food Service Giant Sysco Orders 50 Tesla Semis

Sysco is the largest buyer of the Tesla Semi yet; the second largest buyer is brewer Anheuser-Busch (NYSE: BUD), which has pledged to buy 40 semis. Walmart (NYSE: WMT) has plans to buy 15, the J.B. Hunt trucking company will buy several, and Canadian grocer Loblaw’s has placed an order for 25.

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Can Tata Motors Make Money?

These figures gave Tesla; which produced 83,922 vehicles and delivered 76,230 cars and SUVs in 2016 according to CleanTechnica, an “Enterprise Value” of $58.58 billion on 6 December 5, 2017. Meanwhile Tata; which shipped 554,401 vehicles from just one subsidiary in 2016, had an enterprise value of $26.33 billion.

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Is the Union Pacific Making Money?

The Union Pacific has a pretty bright future because it owns four rail lines that connect the Great Plains to the West Coast.

They include the original transcontinental rail line from Omaha, Nebraska to Oakland, California and the Southern Pacific line from Los Angeles to Houston. Shorter routes include the line from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles, and the Oregon shortcut from Pocatello, Idaho, to Portland, Oregon, and Seattle. Other key routes include a line from El Paso to Chicago, the line from Houston to Chicago, and the line from Denver to Salt Lake City.

These tracks put the Union Pacific in a great position to cash in on all the raw materials shipped from the West and Midwest to Pacific and Gulf Coast Ports. It is also in a good position to haul all the consumer goods shipped from China to U.S. ports.

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Charging the Tesla Semi could Blackout an Entire Town

If Fedderson’s claims are true recharging just one Tesla Semi would require more electricity than a town the size of Leadville, Colorado. Leadville had an estimated population of 2,693 people in 2016.

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How is Musk Paying for the Tesla Semi?

Another good question to ask is does Tesla have the money to build the electric semi? The financial report’s answer is no, no, and no.

Tesla is burning cash like crazy and there seems to be no end in sight. The financial numbers also tell us where Musk got the money to finance the semi project from, he borrowed it.

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Tesla Raises Wages 30% in Germany, Plans China Factory and German AI Research

Musk got an education on how German labor relations and industry work. You cannot just fire workers that talk about unions in Germany as you can in the U.S. Instead you actually have to talk to the union, something that must grate on an egomaniac like Elon.

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