Did Uber Lease Unsafe Vehicles to Drivers?

One wonders if Uber will be able to find a leader before it collapses and gets sold. A major problem Uber faces is to find a CEO with both tech; and auto industry, experience. Barra would have been the logical choice, but it makes no sense for her to join Uber. After all she has a great job turning around a much bigger company.

A more likely outcome would be for Barra to buy Uber and fold it into GM, which would drive Silicon Valley geeks crazy. Once again Uber’s survival as a viable independent company is called into question; as its status as the world’s most valuable unicorn?

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Uber and Lyft Killing Credit Unions

That means medallions are still valuable they’re just not as valuable as they used to be. One interesting pool of customers for them in the future might be successful Uber and Lyft drivers trying to branch out to new businesses.

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