Starbucks the Value in the Coffee

America’s favorite coffee shop has reported revenue growth for the last 34 quarters; since September 2011, according to ycharts.

Starbucks reported revenues of $20.52 billion on June 30, 2016; just one year earlier it reported $18.43 billion in revenues. That adds up to $2.09 billion in revenue growth in year at a time when competitors like McDonald’s are struggling to maintain their market share.

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Ten Threats to Walmart

Much of Walmart’s success has been based upon its ability to deliver name brands at much lower price than competitors. This is threatened because Americans are no longer buying name brands. Three of the fastest growing retailers; Aldi, Costco and Trader Joe’s, base their business model on a limited selection of low-cost but high-quality private label products.

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Retail Growth Rate Raises Serious Questions about “Economic Recovery”

These major retailers are either standing still or worse experiencing shrinking retail. At a few of them such as Sears and Aeropostale revenue is actually in free fall. These numbers show us two very frightening things folks, first the retail apocalypse is heating up and getting worse and second consumer spending is dismal.

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