It is not Amazon that CVS Health is Afraid of

The real reason why CVS Health wants Aetna is to expand its vertically-integrated business model. Vertical integration means that one company controls as much of the production, financing, marketing, and distribution of a product or service as possible.

CVS Health is already partially vertically-integrated because it operates both drugstores and prescription-management plans. CVS operates clinics in some of its stores for the exact same reason. Buying a health insurance company would give CVS, even more, control over the process.

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Wells Fargo and the Future of Monster Banking

The potential challenges Wells Fargo faces are vast. The greatest of these is falling revenues, which probably reflects the growing implosion of the mortgage market.

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Amazon Registered Ethereum Domain Name

Investors should not hold their breath waiting for Amazon to take cryptocurrency anytime soon. The legal complications from such a move would simply be too great, especially in its home base of the United States.

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Walgreen Boots Alliance Struggles to Survive

Medicare for All would be a boon for Walgreens by financing millions of new pharmacy customers and creating hundreds of thousands of new customers for its in-store clinics. That alone makes WBA a really good value investment to add to portfolios for the future but is it a value investment for the present.

Therefore a good wa

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Retail Apocalypse Heats up 6,700 stores have closed in 2017

2017 has become the worst year for store closings in the United States possibly since the Great Depression. There is a strong possibility that the actual number of store closings might exceed 10,000. Such a number is possible because analysts like Credit Suisse may not be counting franchisees and mom and pop stores that will also be going under.

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Is it the End for Office Depot?

This might make Office Depot more of an electronics services firm and put it in a good position to form some sort of partnership with Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN). An obvious future for Office Depot would be a service center for Amazon electronics and a brick and mortar location for Amazon returns and pickups. A logical move for Amazon would be to buy Office Depot.

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TJX: Department Stores that make money what’s up with that?

By shrewdly taking advantage of the opportunities created by the retail apocalypse, TJX has grown into America’s dominant department store brand. It is liable to remain in that position for a long time to come because of the sheer ineptitude of the competition.

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Amazon is Growing but is it Making Money?

Amazon has some value-investment characteristics including a lot of cash and the ability to generate vast amounts of cash on a regular basis. The problem is that unlike companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, Alphabet, and Apple, it cannot keep that cash around.

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Walmart Expands Uber Delivery to Dallas and Orlando

It looks as if Walmart is actually beating Amazon in the delivery wars.

The discount giant has expanded its same-day service which was only available in Tampa and Phoenix to those cities, CNBC reported. Walmart customers in Denver are able to get orders delivered by Lyft, the article did not say if that service will be expanded.

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