3 Marketing Tips for 2019

If you’re to stand any chance whatsoever of being able to compete in your market, you need to embrace the very latest marketing trends. This means that you have to take 2019’s top advertising advice into consideration!

To find three marketing tips that you cannot afford to ignore this year, make sure to read on.

Get the perfect domain name even if it means buying it

It’s 2019, the domain name that is perfect for your business’s website has probably already been snapped up by now. In this instance, you have two options:

  1. Allow for another organization to waste your domain name.
  2. Be proactive in your bid to establish your business’s brand online by buying a domain name.

If you decide that option two is more your style, then you should look into domain name availability. If you align yourself with a hosting company (otherwise known as a registrar), especially, you will a higher chance of being able to come away with the domain name that encapsulates your business perfectly.

Get advertised on today’s top social influencers

The Internet is full of social influencers and powerful marketing channels, and it will be incredibly beneficial to your online brand if you can somehow get advertised through them. By managing this incredible feat, your reach will be expanded, and you will be deemed far more professional by the casual audience.

To stand a chance of being advertised on the platforms that enjoy the highest amounts of traffic on the web, first and foremost, you need to upload authoritative content. Quite simply, if you don’t upload content, of both the written and visual varieties, that provides expert insight into your market, the top influencers, such as Buzzfeed and Huffington Post, won’t pay you any attention whatsoever. Brush up on your industry knowledge, and then even consider hiring professional copywriters and graphic designers to convey your expertise in the most attractive manner possible, and get yourself noticed by the web’s top dogs.

Harness customer relations via email marketing

The world of digital marketing may have moved forward, but that doesn’t mean that there is no longer a call for email marketing.

Today, the humble email continues to do just as good a job as it always has done in spreading the message about business and turning potential customers into fully-fledged ones. You should, then, not be averse to a bit of email marketing.

In order to harness customer relations via this kind of marketing platform, you should consider running the following types of email campaigns:

Welcome campaigns – that seek to bring new subscribers into the fold.

New product introductions – that keep your customers abreast of all of your business’s latest services.

Re-engagement campaigns – that help to engage customers who have seemingly lost faith with your business in the past.

If you want 2019 to be the year you finally take your marketing exploits and endeavors to the next level, then you must put the above advice into practice sooner rather than later.