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4 Tips for Boosting Sales with Video

We’re always looking for a way to boost our conversion rates and get better sales. One medium that can really help with this is video, and it is something that can really help across all your digital marketing efforts.

The stats behind video marketing are extremely impressive, and it just goes to show that video needs to feature in your marketing plan.

So, how can you use your videos to boost sales?

Grab People’s Attention

People have so many things competing for their attention these days. Wherever you post your video, it’s going to have to stand out in a crowded space and grab your target audience’s attention.

This means the first few seconds of your video are vitally important. If you don’t give people a reason to keep on watching in those first few seconds, then they’re just going to scroll right on by.

When you work with an innovative videographer like, you’ll find lots of different ways to get the attention of your target audience, and people aren’t just scrolling over your video.

Understand Your Target Audience’s Problems/Questions

One of the most essential parts of digital marketing is understanding what questions and problems your target audience has.

Often, videos can be very brand-centric, and focus only on the brand, but you want to flip this around and focus on the customer instead. Find out what their problems are, what questions they have, and put them at the center of your answers.

This is where your research comes in, and your ability to understand your customers.

Answer Those Questions

If you can give your viewers the answers to their questions in a fun, easy to understand way, then you’re going to find they engage with the video. While you’re answering your audience’s question, you’ve got your opportunity to show them how your company can help solve those questions and problems.

For example, if you’re selling tennis rackets, your video might answer the question “how can I get better at tennis.” Now, a new racket isn’t going to make a bad tennis player into a good one, but it might help. So, you can use your detailed answer on how to get better at tennis to say, “these 5 steps can help you become a better tennis player, and our rackets can help too.”

You’re putting the customer’s need to figure out how to play better tennis ahead of your need to sell rackets, but you’re still highlighting the fact that your rackets help tennis players improve.

Call to Action

This is one of the most essential parts of your video, and it’s one that often gets forgotten. Tell people what action you want them to take next with a call to action.

If you want them to sign up for a free trial, then tell them and make it easy for them to do. Whatever action it is you want people to take, you need to guide them towards doing that, and a nudge in the right direction by means of a call to action is the ideal way.

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