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In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule. Friedrich Nietzsche


7 Reasons You Should Care About Government And Politics

The extent to which an individual pays attention to politics and understands what they have encountered is political awareness. So, how politically aware are you? Society automatically expects an intelligent adult to have a deep, sound interest in politics in the present status quo. However, the truth is, most people don’t know anything about the latest events in parliament, bureaucracies, law courts, political parties, etc.

Most people understand the political characters and associate emotions with these people but don’t quite realize or authentically recognize the meaningfulness of their political beliefs. While this may not seem that big of a deal initially, it may instill extreme guilt and fear in your hearts whenever someone asks you a political question. Imagine failing to have a detailed discussion in a gathering because you don’t know enough about a concept – distressing.

Why Should You Be Interested In Politics?

Politics might not seem the most glamorous of subjects because of its climate of cynicism, evolving political landscape, the abundance of controversial topics, and combative media attention.

 Most people run away from politics due to intimidation of opinions or fear of stimulating conversations. However, people need to understand the fundamentals of the subject to engage in thoughtful ideas and impactful decisions. Here are seven reasons you should care about government and politics:

1. Politics Impact Almost All Aspects Of Our Lives

Politics is everywhere. From climate change to poverty and approved school books to road rules, almost all aspects are directly related to political decisions. It explains how strongly the government of a country impacts its residents’ lives.

Understanding the government and politics can help you realize the best course of action you must take to live your best life in a country. What is the difference between  House Vs. Senate?

How do taxes work? What policies are in place? Who makes laws? Having a sound knowledge of the various subfields of politics can help you eliminate several problems from your life and support worthy causes.

2. Political Knowledge Makes You An Informed Citizen

The US election system depends on a voting method where the highest polling candidate wins the election. Every adult must vote for a political party that seems most credible and efficient.

 How will you be able to vote for the right party if you cannot understand the skills of the candidates and the values of the party you vote for? To become an informed voter, you must develop an understanding of politics.

Sound knowledge of the democracy, the constitution, Congress, and your rights may help you defend your preferred candidate with facts and figures. You may also develop the peace of mind from knowing why you cast your ballot for a specific candidate.

3. Politics Is Entertaining

Contrary to popular belief, politics can be pretty entertaining. The process of US elections is fascinating; the drama of campaigns, prospering and collapsing parties, the voting process, polling results, and so much more can keep you on the edge of your seats.

Civil but vigorous debates with friends and family about trending political issues are also exciting. Government and politics become the most exciting topics when you get caught up in the zeal and zest of elections.

4. Political Education Introduces the Public to Their Rights

According to the 2019 State of The First Amendment poll by the nonprofit Freedom Forum Institute, 71% of Americans can only name one of the five freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment.

The First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech, the press, religion, the right to petition, and the right to assembly. Knowledge of politics and government can help you understand your rights, responsibilities, how governments work, and what you should value. These major topics are divided into subfields that deal with aspects like minimum wage rate, available healthcare services, protection rights, and more.

With this knowledge, people can become independent thinkers and live their lives the way they want to. In addition, educating yourself about the government and politics will enable you to engage in political processes, which will allow you to have a real say in how your country is run. If you want an opportunity to change the world, you should start by understanding the political system.

5. Political Awareness Prepares You For Adulthood

As soon as people turn eighteen, they are allowed the right to vote. This right to vote allows people to change their nation by allowing the principles and political parties they appreciate a chance to thrive.

As soon as people turn eighteen, they are allowed the right to vote. This right to vote allows people to change their nation by allowing the principles and political parties they appreciate a chance to thrive.

6. Helps You Understand Public Policies

The government plays a huge role in people’s daily lives as they are responsible for determining what takes place in a country. This power makes them highly influential over the economy, public services, legislation, foreign affairs, etc.

A decision taken by the government in any of the aspects mentioned above directly impacts the lives of its citizens. Therefore, people need to learn about the role of government in politics on both local and national levels.

Understanding these basics can help you realize the effectiveness of policies that make up your country’s democracy. If you believe a policy is unfair or ineffective, you can only stand up to change it if you’re politically aware.

7. Political Participation Can Give You a Voice

If you want to play a role in transforming the world for the better, you first need to understand the government that governs that world. When you have political knowledge about your country, you can actively participate in its transformation and development.

You can listen to reputable news channels, join a political party, or have productive discussions with politically knowledgeable individuals to become more politically aware. Going online and browsing through various guides and sources can help you become politically literate. Get involved in discussions and movements that matter by understanding your country’s government and politics as much as possible.


Since political decisions can affect your life significantly, you must understand the subject. Knowing what is going on around you will help you have a say in the matter, so your life can be affected for the better.

The reasons mentioned above precisely elaborate on why people must develop a sound understanding of their country’s government and politics. The subject may seem complicated at first, but as soon as you process the basics, you’ll start to have fun studying and conversing about politics. The benefits only intensify when productive political discussions transform into practical actions.