Bancor’s Unified Wallet takes both EOS & Ethereum Tokens

In fact, Bancor (BNT) claims its new Unified Wallet can manage over 500 ERC20 and EOS tokens across over 9,700 pairs in a single click. Moreover, Bancor’s Medium claims you can perform conversions on any mobile or desktop device with the Unified Wallet.

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Is Bancor (BNT) the Best Infrastructure Token?

Therefore, the Bancor (BNT) token could be an attempt to get people to exchange other currencies for cryptocurrencies. In addition, the Bancor (BNT) could be an effort to force Keynesian economics on the world.

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Bancor Expands to EOS with BancorX

Purported advantages to Bancor on EOS include: one second transactions, no-transaction fees, and no Ethereum gas-fees. If it works, Bancor on EOS could eliminate 10 second transaction times, gas fees, and transaction fees of up to $50 all of which are common on Ethereum.

Bancor on EOS is already working with over a dozen Cryptocurrencies. Altcoins utilizing BancorX and Bancor on EOS include:

Horus Pay (HORUS)
HiveVibes (HVT)
OracleChain (OCT)
Chance (CET)
Bancor (BNT)
eosBack (BLACK)

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What Value do PEG (PEG) and Bancor (BNT) Have?

PEG will be disruptive because it will allow large numbers of people to become cryptocurrency lenders, factors, and bankers by minting their own tokens. For instance, a factor who buys invoices from businesses could sell that debt by minting it into PEG or ERC tokens.
Hence, PEG will let anybody mine cryptocurrency, back it with fiat currency, and borrow money against it. Thus, a good way to think of PEG is as a “bank in a box” or a “bank in an app.” Instead, of going to a bank you will create a bank using app on your phone.
Moreover, it could be possible to use PEG and PEGUSD to link ERC directly to stablecoins via Bancor’s Liquidity Network. Thus, Ethereum platforms could convert ERC20, ERC223 and ERC771 Tokens into fiat currency in a few seconds or minutes.

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Is Bancor a Cryptocurrency with some Trillion-Dollar Features?

The foundation’s goal is to create a global ecosystem of Smart Tokens that will allow everybody on Earth to have access to money with liquidity. Liquidity crises such as inflation are the cause of many of the world’s economic problems.

Effects of this might be the collapse of political systems, or economic chaos. One obvious development will be that many countries would no longer have a national currency. Instead, each citizen would use whatever money best served his or her needs.

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US Bancorp Gets Better

There’s also less exposure to the mortgage market which is still on some very shaky ground. U.S. Bancorp controlled around 2.8% of the mortgage in first quarter 2017, compared to the 16.3% that Wells Fargo owned, Forbes Great Speculations pointed out.

The volume of mortgage originations is falling dramatically dropping from $561 billion in 3rd Quarter 2016 to $361 billion in Quarter One 2017. That’s a decline of more than $35% or $200 billion in just six months.

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Triumph Bank Bancorp do Regional Banks Make Money?

This is the big dilemma that brick and mortar institutions whether they be giant monster banks or small local operations face. There are generations of people out there that almost never use brick and mortar banks; including Generation Xers (like me) and Millennials.

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What Zions Bancorp can tell us about the State of the Economy?

Zions is a good barometer of the regional economy in the West because it owns several regional banks including: Amegy Bank of Texas, Vectra Bank in Colorado, the California Bank & Trust, the Nevada State Bank, the National Bank of Arizona, The Commerce Bank of Oregon, The Commerce Bank of Washington and Zions First National Bank in Utah. A look at Zions’ financial numbers can give us a glimpse of how the economy in those states is doing.

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