The US Supreme Court’s Legitimacy Crisis

The elite composition and ideological bias is driving the Supreme Court’s current legitimacy crisis. The current crisis frightens me because America’s legitimacy crises have led to political conflicts and undermined the Constitution.

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The Looming Constitutional Crisis we are Not Talking About

We could face that Constitutional Crisis soon, because both Trump’s Electoral College majority and the Democrat’s popular vote majority could grow next year.

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How More People Turning to Online Education May Help to Reduce the Student Debt Crisis

In general, having people with more access to education that can help them enter the job market at less cost to themselves is definitely beneficial to the economy, though naturally, more accessible degrees can make the job market more competitive for any given role. One of the many courses people can study online is in fact an applied economics degree, so if this is something you find interesting, maybe that could be a good study path for you!

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Government can end the Housing Crisis by buying Homes

New York City could eliminate homelessness by buying a third of those vacant apartments and making them available to the poor. Interestingly, the solution will be cheaper than housing vouchers, shelters, and “public housing.”

Cities can create large numbers of steady high-paying construction jobs with constant housing construction.

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How an Emerging Markets Currency Crisis will Cause Coin Prices to Explode

A fast-moving emerging markets crisis can greatly increase demand for cryptocurrencies. Altcoin prices could shoot up as residents of crisis nations seek safe havens for their money.

Cryptocurrency is the easiest and fastest way for Argentines, Turks, Venezuelans, and others to move their money out of country. All a person needs to convert funds to altcoins is a credit card and an internet connection. Anybody can download a digital wallet, and buy cryptocurrency in a few seconds.

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Will Digital Wallets Trigger a Financial Crisis?

Such a crisis would be catastrophic because Alipay and WeChat Pay reportedly processed $16 trillion worth of payments last year.
To make matters worse, WeChat Pay alone had 600 million users in August 2017, Statista calculated. Furthermore, Alipay had 400 million users. Therefore one billion people might be affected by a collapse of those organizations.

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America’s Housing Crisis will lead to Class Warfare

The cause of the housing shortage is simple and demand. The economy is not producing enough housing to meet the demands, which drives up the prices. This situation benefits certain groups; including existing homeowners, realtors, mortgage brokers, Baby Boomers, senior citizens, professionals, and the rich.

Those people benefit from higher property values; which increases their potential wealth and their ability to borrow against the real estate. To add icing to the cake, property owners get huge tax advantages because mortgage interest can be tax deductible.

It is in the economic interest of those groups to keep the supply of housing low. That is why they strongly favor restrictive zoning laws such as limits on density; bans on high-rise and multistory buildings, rent control and bans on the construction of apartment houses.

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Media Ignoring U.S. Education Crisis

The crisis in West Virginia affected 680 schools and 277,000 students yet according to our national media, it did not exist.

Disturbingly, the media focused its coverage on a tragedy that occurred in an affluent largely white suburb; while ignoring a crisis in a white-working class state. Demographics make a bothersome statement about media priorities here.

Our so-called national political leaders were conspicuous with their absence from the West Virginia teacher’s strike.

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The Student Loan Crisis is worse than You Think

An astonishing 49.8% of Millennials said they would give up the right to vote in the next two presidential elections in exchange for student-loan forgiveness, a Pollfish survey conducted by the loan refinancer Credible found.

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America’s Destructive Housing Crisis

The housing shortage is likely to become an issue that will reshape the political landscape. That’s already happened in the United Kingdom, where observers think far-left Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will become Prime Minister in the near fut

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