A Guide To The Services Offered By Citrix Cloud Workspace

Citrix is one of the most prominent providers of cloud workplace technology. First launched in 2018, Workspace is one of the flagship products that Citrix Systems has developed. The idea behind the product is relatively simple: it allows people to make use of the cloud to access remotely stored and hosted applications.

When used correctly, Citrix Workspace can be an immensely powerful tool for business. Like many cloud-based services, it allows companies to effectively implement remote working models and save money on expansion. To help explain how companies can benefit from its use, here is a very brief guide to the services offered as part of Citrix Workspace.

Workplace App

At the core of the service is the Citrix Workspace App. This app – formerly known as Citrix Receiver – is the front-end, user-focused gateway to the benefits of using cloud-based software. When an employee of a company signs into the Workspace App on their device, they gain access to the use of every program stored by a company through the application.

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This is an incredibly useful tool, enabling companies to offer software updates and software suites to employees – even if they are working outside the office. Plus, Software As A Service (SAAS) packages can be added to a suite by employers quickly, which instantly gives all authorized personnel with the app new capabilities – so long as they are connected to the internet.

Endpoint Management

Citrix developers have created their own endpoint management application that is compatible with Workspace. The idea behind endpoint management is to make sure that people can access and use applications no matter what kind of device they are using – and this is especially important in the hybrid working environment, where people will need to access applications stored on the cloud on their laptops, mobile phones, wearables, and tablets.

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A good Citrix management company like Bridgehampton will be able to help a business make the most out of Workspace endpoint management as they offer their clients the most flexible capabilities for using the cloud. Ultimately, endpoint management is essential for companies that want to embrace hybrid or remote working models, and Citrix management professionals are invaluable in the process.

Access Control

Citrix Access Control is one of the most important security tools offered by the company. Any business IT team will know that controlling the human and digital elements that are allowed to interact with a network is crucial to overall security.

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Citrix has addressed this valid concern by creating a zero-trust access control service. Only software, hardware, and human beings that possess several correct identifying features can gain access to or make changes to software and data included in a Workspace.

What’s more, the latest development in this field is the use of Adaptive Authentication. Adaptive Authentication access control software changes the degree of authentication needed according to risk patterns, device type, or device location.


Computer users access their files and applications using a desktop. This central hub has been recreated in the cloud as a remote desktop – something that Citrix incorporates seamlessly.