Aitheon Plans some Big New Partnerships

Aitheon is trying to enlist some big-name partners for its robot, artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT) powered Ethereum Blockchain platform.

Executives from Aitheon plan to meet with leaders at the Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) Technology Center in Dubai soon, a press release indicates. Aitheon is in talks with the Indian-based technology company; Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Limited (IL&FS). IL&FS’s has diverse projects include a new oil terminal in the Persian Gulf and K-Yan a portable wireless computer designed for use in rural villages in India.

Aitheon has entered into a manufacturing agreement with Kaynes Technology a manufacturer of solutions for defense and aerospace, medical and healthcare, IT & telecom, power and energy, automation and controls, railways and transportation and the automotive energy. Kaynes wants to adapt Aitheon’s blockchain solutions to its manufacturing technology.

Aitheon and World Bank Discuss Cryptocurrency

Executives from the World Bank discussed the use of Aitheon’s AIC ERC20 protocol token as a payment solution. Aitheon executives visited the World Bank in Washington but did not reveal details of the discussions.

Aitheon is also discussing integrating the Aitheon Platform with the many business and accounting solutions offered by SAP (NYSE: SAP). An Aitheon press release did not say what use SAP will make of the AIC token or the platform.

Aitheon is in discussion with Self Driving Car Company

Aitheon, which tested a self-driving Jeep Rubicon operated by its blockchain is in negotiations with NEXT Future Transportation Inc., a company planning to manufacture autonomous pods. The pods are next-generation vehicles designed to replace automobiles.

Aitheon is also in talks with a Dutch sensor manufacturer called Decibel.Live. Aitheon wants to integrate Decibel’s advanced noise monitoring platform with Ethereum-based smart contracts. The idea here might be to create verbal or audio smart contracts or contracts that automatically transcribe verbal contracts into a written agreement on the blockchain.

A major use of this technology would be in the automated store that Aitheon is trying to develop.

Aitheon is planning to hold a token sale for its Ethereum token AIG on April 20, 2018.

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