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Is There Anything Interesting Left To Predict In The Ladbrokes Premiership?

It looks like the fight for the crown in the Ladbrokes Premiership, the top division of Scottish league football, is about to end; or is it? Right now, Celtic sit pretty at top of the table, miles ahead of second placed Rangers. Although both Celtic and Rangers still have 14 games left, many experts are saying that the former winning the league is a foregone conclusion. So, the question beckons: Is there anything interesting left to predict in the Ladbrokes Premiership?

The chances of Rangers making a comeback are slim, but stranger things have happened in the past. So, don’t lose hope if you’re betting on Rangers winning the league. To get your hopes up and motivate you to do new online betting, let’s take a look at the upcoming fixtures of both Celtic and Rangers and see where the former can drop points.

The next 3 fixtures for Celtic and Rangers:

Celtic: Motherwell (Home), Hamilton (Home), Inverness (Away)

Rangers: Dundee (Away), Inverness (Away), St Johnstone (Home)

Currently, Motherwell sits in 6th place and is on a great run. Even though Celtic is playing at home, a draw is very much on the cards. So, that could potentially be 2 points dropped by the league leaders. The game after that is against Hamilton, a team battling for survival. Hamilton has failed to win any of its last 6 league games, but the win will eventually come, and I have a feeling that it’ll happen against Celtic on February 25th.

Inverness is in the same situation as Hamilton; so I wouldn’t be surprised if the team snatches a draw against the current league toppers. On the other hand, I can see Rangers showing great fight and winning at least 2 of their 3 games. After these 3 games, I can see the gap between Celtic and Rangers closing, which will make the final 11 games of the season extremely interesting.

While what I just said could happen, there is a greater likelihood of Celtic winning the league as early as March 19th, the day they play Dundee. That will happen if Celtic wins its next 5 games, and Rangers drop points in 2 of its coming 5 games. If that does happen and Celtic wins the league, Rangers players will only have themselves to blame. The latter could have closed the gap between them and Celtic by strengthening the squad in the summer, with Celtic majorly inactive during the summer transfer window. Rangers didn’t do that and now, they’re paying the price for it.

While Rangers fans may think otherwise, there has been no real on-field rivalry between their team and Celtic in the past 5 years or so. The current season was the best chance Rangers had to change that but unfortunately, they didn’t do the needful. Nonetheless, there is a chance, even if it’s a small one, that Rangers could topple Celtic and win the league. So, if you’re backing Rangers, stay hopeful till the very end as anything can happen in the world of football.