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In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule. Friedrich Nietzsche


Apps to Find Amazing Team Games for Your Next House Party

There are few things more fun in life than a good house party. Lots of friends and good food are a recipe for making great memories.

Still, not everyone is a naturally talented host. Some of us have absolutely no clue how to entertain our guests, even if all of them are our closest friends.

My anxiety goes through the roof every time I want to plan an event. Too many things to consider and how to keep people from dying of boredom usually tops the list.

Learn about amazing team games & never risk a failed house party

In the last 10 years or so of attending as well as hosting house parties, I have come to the conclusion that nothing gets the crowd going like a team game.

My friends will go so far as to leave their drinks and participate with great enthusiasm. People in their late 20’s leaving their alcohol for games. A true shock.

Since I am not the one to have the best of ideas, I will often rely on app games to play with friends or fun iPhone party games for inspiration. Using the rules as a starting point, I will adapt them to the number of people I have over and make the evening a fun experience for everyone. If you look into the best Android games for your family and friends, you are bound to find something interesting enough.

Explore more obscure games & never play the same old dull classics

Certain party favorites like karaoke come up time and again, both in homes as well as bars. Still, being limited to the same old modes of fun can get a bit stale.

If you want to keep your gang on their toes, come up with some new options. Spaceteam party games are a favorite with my friends but they are also very open to trying new things.

I often use smartphone apps to fish for new ideas and learn the rules of new or obscure team games. The Who Can’t Draw party game was a revelation for my buddies. I would also advise you to try some of the Bounden party games and use your phone as a music player to provide background for strange and hilarious dance moves.

Organize a fun sleepover & don’t let your friends have one minute of boredom

When organizing a party and looking for app games to play with friends, you should always consider what sort of get-together you’d like it to be.

 Are you throwing lavish dinner or a binge, or perhaps organizing a sleepover? The last on the list is a favorite of mine. I always make an effort to find fun apps for a sleepover or some good party appetizers.

Get some great snacks and drinks and – let the games begin! In fact, I might have found just what you need. While doing my research for my last house party, I found a nice list of team games that you should definitely try out the next time you have your gang over.

Must-Have Apps for Team Games to Play at a House Party

Regardless of whether you love using the Pictionary app with friends or the Time’s Up game app – or perhaps some of the options on the list above – you are guaranteed to make your party a lot more fun.


House parties can be great fun – if you know how to throw them, at least. If you’re not exactly feeling confident about your party-hosting skills, a good way to spice things up are team games. It’s beyond easy.

Nowadays you can use your smartphone to learn about interesting games and their rules or even find obscure yet immensely fun ways to pass the time. This is a particularly good strategy to adopt if you are intended on organizing a sleepover with your closest friends. Rely on online resources and interesting apps – and have loads of fun.

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