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Businessman’s Car: 5 Models for a Successful Leader

Business cars are not just a means of transportation. This is a clear indicator of status and success.

In the classification, they belong to the E-segment. Despite the fact that such models can prove themselves in everyday life, they are more often used for representative purposes or for official needs. Even abroad, the issue of a representative car remains relevant.

For example, you have a meeting with an American business partner in Dayton, Ohio. After checking Avis car rental Pittsburgh airport, you can quickly choose a car.

Luxury Car Chauffeur Car Mercedes S Class

And although the choice of such vehicles is not as rich as, for example, in D- or C-classes, sometimes it’s extremely difficult to make the final decision. The matter is not only in the applicants, but also in the equipment and price.

Business class car – what features does it have?

Executive-Class cars are quite common, and their prestige is not at all called into question. However, you need to know what criteria a car must meet in order to satisfy segment requirements:

  • The car body

Most of business cars are full-size sedans. However, there may be exceptions in the form of hatchbacks, coupes and even station wagons and SUVs.

  • Overall dimensions

As a rule, the length of the model ranges between 4,700 and 5,000 mm, and sometimes little more. Width should be at least 1,700 mm.

  • Engine

Usually, business-class cars are equipped with engines from 2 to 6 liters of volume.

  • The interior and equipment

The minimum list of options in the E-Class is quite extensive. However, almost any request is available to the buyer. Naturally, ergonomics and functionality should be at the highest level.

Based on the above-mentioned specifications, the following vehicles fully comply with the requirements of business cars.

Audi A6

This German representative has long taken its place in the list of business class models. The inverted trapezoid of the car grille, decorated with 4 rings, immediately says that this is Audi. A powerful profile and beautiful appearance only enhance the impression.

Among the engines, the top-end 3.0 TFSI petrol unit with direct injection and turbocharging will be the best choice. Its 333 hps of power with 440 Nm of torque won’t disappoint anyone. The latest DSG transmission guarantees a comfortable ride, and the legendary Quattro system will help out in unforeseen situations.

The interior with brown leather trim, wooden accents and black plastic dashboard looks simply incomparable, while the number of options even in the basic version is impressive.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Mercedes-Benz is one of the leaders on the business car market. Stylish optics, a huge emblem on the stripes of the grille, a long hood and a streamlined silhouette – all this shows the real elegance of the car.

It’s better to choose the most powerful gasoline V6 engine, with 401 hps of power. Perhaps some will prefer the 333-hps V6, but the total mass of the car of 2.5 tons requires as much ‘horses’ under the hood as possible. The 9-step automatic transmission will delight even true connoisseurs of a comfortable ride. A proprietary 4MATIC four-wheel drive completes this picture of magnificence.

Inside the car you’ll see sheer luxury! Beige leather, a surprisingly harmonious combination of light and dark plastic in the dashboard, fashionable panel design – without all this, a modern Mercedes would have been unthinkable. Naturally, the driver gets the widest range of options, but even they can be supplemented with both individual positions and entire packages.

Cadillac CTS

The true gentleman can be seen right away! A powerful image, a forward-leaning profile and a slightly heavy, sloping rear end are the whole Cadillac.

There’s no doubt about the engine – only V6 with the volume of 3.6 liters and the power of 341 hps should be chosen. Among other things – AWD and an 8-speed automatic transmission are at the driver’s disposal.

Inside, the style is original and classic, which only gives chic. Dark brown leather, which trimmed the interior, wooden inserts, black plastic dashboard, sparkling chrome – all this is combined into one luxurious set. Therefore, you will want to stay in the cabin as long as possible.

Infiniti Q70

Being a worthy competitor to all other models, the Infiniti Q70 impresses with its smooth lines and harmonious transitions. Moreover, neither muscular wheel arches nor massive rear end cause dissonance – you can look at this car forever, constantly finding something new in its image.

In the choice between a 2.5-liter, 221-hps engine and a 333-hps 3.7-liter engine, preference should be given to the latter. The rest equipment of the car includes all-wheel drive, a 7-speed automatic transmission and excellent suspension performance – as it should be for a business class vehicle.

BMW 5-Series

Of course, not everyone perceives the BMW5-Series as a business-class sedan, since the car has always been distinguished by an assertive character.  Confident and aggressive design, branded BMW-style ‘nostrils’, a wedge-shaped profile, swiftness in each line – this is what the Bavarian automaker represents.

The top-end V8 engine with the volume of 4.4 liters produces 450 hps of power and 650 Nm of torque. However, 3.0-liter V6 with 306 hps will be also enough for driving. Among other things – all-wheel drive, 8-speed automatic transmission and expertly tuned suspension.

Inside, BMW is just perfect. Unlike competitors, where you want to immediately sit on the rear seats and enjoy the tranquility the 5-Series causes the desire to drive the car by yourself.

There are a lot of worthy models in the business class segment, so this list doesn’t claim to be true. However, any of the proposed applicants will be an excellent choice.