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Can MetaPlanet (MPL) make money from Venture Capital?

They call MetaPlanet (MPL) “an early stage investment firm that makes long-term bets on contrarians in the knowledge and network sectors.” In addition, MetaPlanet backs what they call mission driven founders developing disruptive deep technologies.

I think that means MetaPlanet is a venture capital firm that offers a cryptocurrency. For example, MetaPlanet offers angel investing and a venture capital (VC) investment portfolio. They also offer continued financing throughout a venture’s lifecycle.

Additionally, MetaPlanet operates an evergreen fund. To elaborate, an Evergreen Fund is an open-ended fund with an ongoing funding structure. In addition, an Evergreen Fund has a limited partnership (LP) legal structure.

Theoretically, open-ended funds are more flexible, efficient, and transparent than the traditional venture capital model. In particular, an Evergreen Fund allows investors to determine how much they invest and when they invest.

MetaPlanet Ventures

MetaPlanet (MPL) backs 136 ventures in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), biotech, crypto, healthcare, transportation, and other fields.

MetaPlanet Holdings OÜ owns MetaPlanet. Interestingly, they base MetaPlanet Holdings OÜ in Tallinn, Estonia. Estonia is an Eastern European country and European Union member that is part of the Euro area. That means the Euro is Estonia’s currency.

An Autonomous Modular Restaurant

 MetaPlanet ventures include Mezli, a chain of autonomous modular restaurants being built by three Stanford engineers and Michelin-starred chef Eric Minnich. Each Mezli restaurant will feature a prototype robot kitchen supplemented by a human kitchen.

They have a prototype Mezli restaurant up and running in San Mateo, California. Mezli sells bowls of Healthy Mediterranean food for $6.99 each to compete with fast-food joints and supermarkets. Mezli diners can order online or eat in the restaurant.

The hope at Mezli is to make healthy food cheaper and more convenient. In addition, Mezli’s developers hope to reduce labor and other costs in dining.

Other MetaPlanet Ventures

Another MetaPlanet investment Kalender AI is developing a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for automating lead generation and sales outreach.

Conversely, British startup calls itself the cell-coding company. The team claims to have a breakthrough gene approach they call cell coding or ioCells. A press release claims can manufacture enormous batches of any human cells. One of’s products opt-ox can create unique human cells for drug development and research.

The blockchain startup XREX Crypto Services hopes to speed up cross border trade through faster transactions. XREX offers a payment escrow service and crypto fiat exchange platform to increase the speed of cross-border transactions. The problems XREX hopes to solve include a dollar shortage and lack of capital for cross-border trades.

How MetaPlanet Invests

MetaPlanet claims to use some interesting criteria when it picks ventures to back. That criteria include:

  •  An academic mentality which values evidence based research and development.
  •  Mission-driven founders who want to challenge the status quo and disrupt the industry.
  • Grit and track record. This means a team with a proven record of executing plans and the wisdom to walk away when plans fail.
  •  Defensibility. This means the proposed business or technology will have a wide moat with few competitors who can easily enter the business.
  • Multi-Generational Impact. Companies building products that could affect businesses or people’s lives for generations to come.

The MetaPlanet team believes they can meet the criteria by making angel investments through a venture capitol portfolio. The portfolio invests in businesses all over the world.

The MetaPlanet team takes a no-meddling attitude to companies they invest in. They also offer continued financing throughout a venture’s lifecycle through the evergreen fund.

What Value does MetaPlanet Have?

The MetaPlanet (MPL) cryptocurrency offers some value. For example, CoinMarketCap gave MetaPlanet a $0.0001223 Coin Price, , a Fully Diluted Market Cap of $1.223 million, and a 24-Hour Market Volume of $1.018 million on 24 January 2022.

They based those numbers on a Self-Reported Circulating Supply of 10 billion MPL, a Maximum Supply of 10 billion MPL, and a Total Supply of 10 billion MPL. MetaPlanet was CoinMarketCap’s 3,240th largest cryptocurrency on 24 January 2022.

There is some market interest in MetaPlanet, CoinMarketCap named MPL the second most trending cryptocurrency on 23 January 2022. In contrast, Coinbase gave MetaPlanet a $0.0018 Coin Price, and a $1 million 24 Hour Market Volume on 24 January 2022.

I think MetaPlanet (MPL) is an interesting cryptocurrency with a proven business model venture capital. However, there is no evidence MPL can make money from venture capital. I consider MPL a cryptocurrency speculators need to watch. In particular, MetaPlanet could be the future of venture capital.