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Can Robolinux compete with Android?

Credible alternatives to Android are rare. Roblinux’s developers hope their creation is such an alternative.

Similarly to Android, Robolinux is a Linux-based operating system for phones and other mobile devices. Roblinux even offers a Debian RoboPhone v12-2 phone as an alternative to Android products.

The current version, the Roblinux White Hat Series 12LTS-2025 UEFI & Legacy BIOS Compatible is available in Cinnamon, Mate, & Xfce. They built Roblinux in Ubuntu 20.04. Ubuntu is a popular Linux operating system designed as an alternative to Windows and Android.

Roblinux Claims to Offer Privacy

The chief attraction to Robolinux is privacy. They claim Robolinux 12+ eliminates Contact Tracing and Tacking with its UNTRACKER application. They claim Robolinux is 100% untrackable, untraceable, and anonymous.

I suspect the geniuses at the National Security Agency (NSA) and Her Majesty’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) have already cracked Robolinux 12. However, Robolinux could protect you from everyday hackers and some commercial tracking operations.

I could not find numbers of Robolinux users online. So, I cannot estimate Roblinux sales. However, you safely say Robolinux will have a hard time competing with Alphabet’s (GOOG) Android.

Robolinux vs. Android 

Statista estimates there are 131.2 million Android smartphone users in the United States. Statista forecasts the number of American Android smartphone users could grow to 133.4 million in 2022.

Android’s market share of the global mobile operating system market was 72.84% in 2021, Statista estimates. Statista estimates there were 1.6 billion Android users worldwide in 2021. Statisa estimates Android’s smartphone global market share at 87%. Android’s tablet operating system market share was 51.9% in 2021.

It is hard to see how Robolinux can crack the Android monopoly. However, it is nice to know that there are genuine alternatives to Android out there. If you are seeking an alternative to Android, you need to examine Robolinux.