Sears Implosion will hurt everybody including Pensioners and Stockholders

American Sears pensioners may soon find themselves in the situation. Sears Holdings (NASDAQ: SHLD) had a $1.6 billion shortfall in its pension fund, USA Today reported in March 2017.

What’s truly frightening is that Sears has no way to cover that shortfall. Its revenues fell by 27.22% during 3rd quarter 2017, Stockrow reported. Sears is operating at a loss; it reported an operating loss of $419 million and a net loss of $558 million on Halloween Day, 2017.

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Is the Eastman Kodak Company Making Money?

Speculators might make some money by identifying low-cost companies with a stock that ICO promoters might target.
It is easy to see why Kodak is interested in ICOs and cryptocurrency mining. The company desperately needs all the money it can get.
The Eastman Kodak Company reported revenues of $379 million, a gross profit of $87 million, an operating loss of -$54 million, and a loss of -$46 million on September 30, 2017, Stockrow data indicates. The company also reported an operating cash flow of $3 million and a negative free cash flow of -$14 million on the same day.

The risks Kodak is taking here are vast because the plan is unproven. Cryptocurrency mining is a proven source of cash but the other ideas are new. Nobody knows if they are worth the risk.

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Is the Progressive Corporation Making Money?

Progressive is trying to deceive shareholders by paying a dividend once a year. Such a move should tell investors to stay away from this stock. A management willing to play those kinds of games with the dividend is capable of other deceptions.

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CenturyLink Stock is Junk

The cash flow might explain some of the problems at CenturyLink, the company is taking in just enough cash to pay the bills and finance a large salary for executives. It might also disprove a popular notion of Warren Buffett’s to invest businesses that are so simple to operate somebody’s idiot nephew can run them.

The reason Buffett might be wrong is that once in the executive suite, the idiot nephew is in a good position to loot the company. He might order a new corporate jet instead of updating the equipment, or sell off potentially profitable assets in order to raise the dividend and the price of the stock in his compensation package.

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