How can intelligent surveys help a political party gain an edge its opponents?

Surveys conducted adequately, in a scientific and methodological manner produce accurate and valuable data capable of predicting electoral outcomes. These types of surveys also help precisely predict and project trends in opinions across a variety of demographic groups. By gaining access to a voter’s opinions and outlook, political research ensures a transparent and open democratic process.

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Finally, Media is turning on Trump, or is it?

Importantly, we must ask did The New York Times have these stories in 2016 and sit on them. Finally, we must ask was the nation’s most prestigious newspaper willing to suppress stories about Trump.
Markedly, The Times is just one of many news outlets that refused to report on Trump’s wrongdoing. For example, many media ignored allegations of Trump’s racism, alleged business dealings with the Mafia, and bribery accusations.

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Three Companies Planning Linux-based Smartphone

Purism, Pine64, and Necuno Solutions are working on Linux-based smartphones, It’s Foss claims. Conversely, none of those companies is marketing an actual Linux-based smartphone.

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Taking a Bath with KODAKCoin and the Eastman Kodak Co (KODK)

My conclusion is that the only value at Eastman Kodak is its ticker symbol. The RYDE team is apparently using that symbol and Eastman Kodak’s corporate shell to promote its KODAKOne platform. Obviously, Eastman Kodak will lose what little value it has if it gets delisted. I predict delisting is imminent because of the shenanigans the RYDE team is pulling.
Unfortunately, the KODAKOne venture and KODAKCoin are purely theoretical. Since neither KODAKCoin nor KODAKOne is operating nobody can say what value they might have.

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Swim with the “Crypto Assets” with Melon (MLN)

Surprisingly, Melonport AG is scheduled to be dissolved in February 2019. To explain, the Melon team plans to hand management of Melon over to a group called the Melon Council.

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Value Investing in Robots, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Self-Driving Vehicles at NVIDIA Corp (NVDA)

To explain, NVIDIA is not investing all the money and resources needed to commercialize pieces of a complex technology like automobiles, drones, and robots. Instead, NVIDIA is building the basic components; the processors and supercomputers and selling them to manufacturers.

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The Future of Gaming: Blockchain-Powered Ludos Protocol

The Ludos Protocol will help game developers raise money by creating a Decentralized Autonomous Initial Cryptocurrency Organization (DAICO). The Ludos Protocol DAICO allows developers to create tokenized DApps that serve as investments. By enabling developers to create and issue tokens of their own, the Ludos Protocol solves one of the main problems facing game developers: fundraising.

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Is Discover Financial (DFS) Making Money and Taking Risks?

Discover is taking two huge risks with its America-centric business model. First, most of the economic growth in the foreseeable future will take place outside the USA. Second, I think Discover’s business creates heavy exposure to instability in the American economy.

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The Future of the U.S. Supreme Court

Therefore, the conservative majority and its extreme positions will destroy the U.S. Supreme Court as we know it.

Hence, I expect we will see Chief Justice Roberts presiding over a very different Supreme Court in eight or 10 years. The composition of that court is unclear but I suspect Conservatives will not like it. On the other hand, Erwin Chemerinsky will like that court.

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Kavanaugh Nomination Proves Senate Does not represent America

“A body of men holding themselves accountable to nobody ought not to be trusted by anybody” ― Thomas Paine.

Frighteningly, the Senate will be even less representative soon. Surprisingly, just 30 Senators could represent 70% of Americans by 2040.

Under those circumstances, 70 Senators will represent 30% of Americans, David Birdsell predicts. Birdsell is the dean of the school of public and international affairs at Baruch College. Tellingly, Birdsell is one of many demographers offering such warnings.

As an illustration 30% of Senators will represent the 15 states that contain 67% of the population in 2040, the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service projects. The Center at the University of Virginia forecasts nine states will be home to half of America’s population in 2040, Bump notes.

Consequently, just 18 Senators will represent half of Americans by 2040. That situation violates the values of the American Revolution. For instance, one of the Revolution’s main slogans was “no taxation without representation.” Presently, the United States violates that ideal for most of its citizens.

Markedly, just 30% of the population will elect Senators enacting taxes, voting to go to war, and approving federal judges. As a result America will have a government that violates its basic values.

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