Nuclear Weapons are a Greater Threat than You Think

Al Qaeda terrorists came may have come close to seize to getting their hands on a nuclear-tipped missile in 2014. A group of airmen guarding nuclear missiles were disciplined for using LSD

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Eni Executive Hot Fusion Reactor would Cost $3 Billion

The reactor would power around 150,000 homes; or a city about the size of Norwich, England. This estimate is based on the standard calculation that a megawatt is enough electricity for 750 homes.
A megawatt is one million watts of electricity, so the reactor would generate 200 million watts of electricity. That reactor would have the capacity to generate electricity as soon as it was up and running.

“After the transition to renewable energy, the real breakthrough technologically is nuclear fusion,” Robert Casula told Reuters. Casula thinks it would cost $3 billion to develop and build a 200-megawatt fusion reactor and it might be up and running by 2033.

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MIT starts Commercializing Hot Fusion

“Researchers at MIT have designed a way to use high-temperature superconductors to produce powerful magnetic fields that provide superior confinement of the hot plasma — enabling a net energy fusion device at much smaller scale than did previous experiments,” MIT Vice President for Research Maria T. Zuber wrote in The Boston Globe.
Commonwealth Fusion Systems was founded by former MIT students and researchers that want to commercialize hot fusion. Commonwealth has also received some money from unidentified “U.S. Investment Funds,” Zuber claimed.

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One in 10 Americans under 18 is a Self-proclaimed Atheist

Bama found that 14% of Generation Z members admitted to having no religion (or opinions on religion), and 8% of them identified as agnostics. If Bama’s polls are correct 35% of Generation Z; or more than third, profess no religion whatsoever. More tellingly, 21% of Generation Z members, or two in 10 were willing to identify as secularists.

Around 24% of Generation Z members surveyed by Bama admitted that they believe science disproves the Bible. Around 17% of Generation Z thought that the Bible and science are conflict, but accepted the Bible as fact. This means that 41% of Generation Z’s members think the Bible and science are in conflict.

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AI and Humans will run Robots on New Blockchain

“We need to find that middle ground where humans enjoy working with robots,” Archer said. He calls that middle ground “symbiosis” and believes that Aitheon’s blockchain platform can achieve it.

The Aitheon platform would enable people to become “pilots” remote robot operators that work through the blockchain.
The pilots would guide robots to perform tasks too complex for programs or AI to perform. Aitheon pilots would be able to operate robots all over the world. A major task of the pilots would be operating or overseeing the operation of autonomous vehicles.

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Homelessness is Killing People and Causing Epidemics

The outbreak was so serious that the city tried to move the homeless off the streets and into a “tent city,” arrested the homeless, and sprayed sidewalks with chemicals to prevent the spread of the disease, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported on November 13. Notice that the national media did not report on such an important story.

Like the FDR administration, the city of San Diego is claiming that “public safety” gives it the right to arrest people that refuse to report to a camp. Worse, the city is also claiming that it has the right to make simply being in town a crime.

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Google Joins in Media Promotion of Oprah Presidential Run

It looks as if Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG) is manufacturing history to give an Oprah presidential run a boost.
Trying to portray a TV huckster like Oprah as the heir or moral equivalent to Dr. King is insulting on every level.
The January 15, 2018, Google Doodle gives us a preview of what an Oprah campaign would look like. That is low on substance; utterly lacking in truth, based on white guilt, and motivated by nostalgia, simplistic patriotism, and emotions.

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Artificial Intelligence can make Hot Fusion a Reality

The combination of off-the-shelf technology and deep-neural networks FRNN might make hot fusion feasible. A possible scenario would be researchers all over the world including garage inventors using AI like FRNN to create all sorts of fusion devices.

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Walk around the Internet

There are internet rumors that the government of Estonia is about to launch a marketplace for blockhain investments and cryptocurrencies. The rumors include claims that the marketplace will be financed by an initial cryptocurrency offering (ICO) called TGE.

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