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In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule. Friedrich Nietzsche


Celebrities Declare War on Trump with Leftwing Tea Party

There’s a truly fascinating viral video that every Republican; and every American that wants an effective government, needs to take a look at. The video is a little different because a group of Hollywood celebrities and others are trying to dictate political strategy to Congressional Democrats.

Oddly enough the celebrities are urging Democrats to employ an extremely ruthless Republican strategy against President-Elect Trump. Those in the video; who include A-list actress Sally Field, demand that U.S. Senators and Representatives use their Congressional powers to “obstruct and defeat anything that violates our core values as diverse Americans.”

What that really means is that they want Congress to block anything Trump proposes and oppose all of his appointments. That’s the scorched earth strategy that the Tea Party Republicans used against President Obama. The strategy consisted of total opposition and complete obstruction.

Interestingly enough it did not necessarily hurt Obama himself; he was still reelected by a comfortable margin in 2012, but it did badly damage Democrats and block much of Obama’s agenda from becoming law. That may have helped Trump win by making Obama look like a weak and ineffective president (which he is).

The Tea Party of the Left is Arising

Now it appears that Leftists are about to do the same thing to Trump. The group behind the celebrity video; Humanity for Progress, has adopted the rhetoric and tactics of the Tea Party. Like the Tea Party they intend to turn Congress into a battleground for an all-out war on Donald Trump and anybody who stands with him.

Republicans need to pay attention because it just might work; such obstructionism has enabled them to control both houses of Congress for six years. It has helped Trump capture the White House by mobilizing a mass movement.

The big question we need to ask here is how will congressional Democrats respond? My guess is that the majority of them will go along, because like most members of Congress, they live in fear of primary voters. The rhetoric in the Humanity for Progress video is the kind of argument that Democratic primary voters will respond to.

Humanity for Progress makes Congressional Democrats an Offer they cannot refuse

The video itself is a threat being sent to Congressional Democrats. The message in it is clear, direct and rather nasty: “it is get on the anti-Trump bandwagon and stay there or start looking for a new job after the next primary.”

The message is already getting through 128,173 people liked Humanity for Progress’s Facebook Page as of January 7, 2017. The page also had 128,187 which is a mass audience. Humanity for Progress, which is actually a rebranded relaunch of a political action committee called Humanity for Hillary, claims its memes found 50,000 viewers during the electoral campaign.

Like the Tea Party, Humanity for Progress seems rather vicious and lacking in mercy or compassion. There’s a kind of ugly hatred here that frightens me and it should not be ignored. There’s also some very cold-blooded political logic stoking and manipulating that hatred.

Astro Turfing Might Blow up in Elitists’ Face

Like much of the Tea Party this seems astro-turfed; that is a grassroots political movement financed and directed from above by professional political strategists. Such movements are dangerous and disruptive because they can easily spin out of control. The Tea Party; which was launched by conservative elitists like the Koch brothers, gave birth to the Trump movement. It eventually empowered a political leader who opposed much of the conservative agenda.


We need to worry about this movement because it will generate more gridlock in Washington and hobble effective government if it succeeds. Like the Tea Party it will turn routine congressional actions such as passing a budget into brutal political battles and damage American credibility.

It also stands a good chance of spinning out of control and becoming something else. A likely result is that the Hollywood elitists behind this will end up empowering a populist political leader who is hostile to much of their agenda. Just as the movement conservatives who launched the Tea Party ended up outmaneuvered, overwhelmed and overpowered by Donald J. Trump.

Republicans need to pay attention to this video and take it seriously. Even though conservative pundits are mocking Humanity for Progress, this group looks serious.

It appears well-organized, well-financed and dedicated to a ruthless and well thought out political strategy that might cripple both President-Elect Trump and Congressional Republicans. The strategy would be easy to implement because all Democrats need is the help of a few renegade Republicans to block GOP legislation.

Humanity for Progress’s Ruthless Plan for a Brutal Political Assault

This is not a group of arrogant celebrities poising for the camera, it is a band of dedicated political warriors preparing to launch a brutal assault. When that assault comes it will be bloody and destructive, and many people on both sides will be hurt.

One of its obvious goals is to hurt Congressional Republicans badly enough to cost them seats in 2018. Another is to keep any Trump judicial nominees from reaching the bench. If they succeed in that these leftists would cripple the Federal Court system and possibly the Supreme Court. Like the Tea Party they want either a government that follows their extremist agenda or no government.

An ugly new era has begun in American politics and it will get darker and uglier in the near future. A brutal political war in which one side has decided to take no prisoners has been launched. One has to wonder how many people, institutions, reputations and careers will be destroyed in the name of “progress and humanity.”