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In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule. Friedrich Nietzsche


Compelling reasons why you should study politics

We cannot deny that our world faces immense challenges today. Our world grows increasingly polarized, and we find ourselves amid an unprecedented medical emergency. Now, more than ever before, we need people who can work from the grassroots level and bring about positive change.

These people can help communities reconcile their differences and work productively towards common goals. They can also help marginalized individuals get the rights they deserve and become valued members of society.

While many people work towards achieving these goals, the ones who have the most significant impact are politicians. They can change the system from within to ensure everyone can benefit. There are many reasons why a political career is the best choice if you want to make a real difference in the world. Below, we’ve listed some of the best reasons why you should study politics.

Study a broad range of topics

Politics isn’t a discipline in itself. Instead, it combines various aspects of economics, history, philosophy, and psychology, to name a few, to come up with an ideology.

Political systems have philosophical, sociological, and ideological backgrounds, with the political aspect being the practical implementation of these ideas. While you can study various subjects to enter politics, one of the most essential is the law.

Politics and law are both some of the oldest fields known to humankind. Both are also incredibly important to create a just, free and fair society that treats all citizens equally. Laws can be politically motivated, and all politics are guided heavily by present legislation.

Parliamentarians,  Congress people, senators, and ministers operate in a legislative environment. They need to understand how they can create laws that benefit communities and identify laws that hinder progress.

 Criminal justice degrees allow you to understand how the legal system impacts incarcerated individuals and what areas need improvement.  An online pre law degree is one of the best options for a political career, as it teaches you how you can reform the justice system as a lawmaker.

A diverse range of career options

Contrary to popular belief, studying politics doesn’t just prepare you to become a politician. If a life spent in such glaring limelight isn’t your thing, you can easily opt for many other fields. These career options allow you to serve your communities immensely and work towards their betterment.

 You can pursue a career as a political journalist to analyze local and international politics and provide unbiased coverage of the latest events. Journalists act as a bridge between the people and the authorities and help voice the concerns that communities may have. Impartial journalism is essential in making informed choices about their lives, governments, and society.

Other career paths include those in human rights or charities, diplomatic service providers, or within the civil service. In all of these professions, you help keep the political system afloat by implementing strategies that strengthen governmental bodies and serve people better. You also learn skills such as assertiveness, research, and public speaking, which helps you in several ways.

You can make a difference

A political career allows you to have the most significant possible impact on any community’s life. One of the most significant impediments for any social worker or charity is coming across a legal wall to help any community. The system can, at times, be quite unjust.

 Many laws that are still around today were implemented decades ago and are thus no longer relevant today. These laws make it incredibly challenging for many communities to get the rights they deserve. While lawyers and social workers can spread awareness about these archaic systems, it’s up to politicians to bring about real change.

Politicians can bring about bills that challenge regressive laws and create newer ones that help make societies safer and more inclusive. They can address pressing matters like racial injustice in the justice system, treat juveniles, and work towards restorative justice. They can also help develop a legislature that allows marginalized groups better access to healthcare, education, and work opportunities.

Impacts you personally

While it is undeniable that a political education allows you to impact your communities immensely, it also helps change your life personally.

Without detailed knowledge of political systems, many often overlook the importance of everyday political happenings. With political understanding, we can understand the impact of policies on a local and international level.

We can appreciate what policies hinder our development and which policies will have long-lasting benefits for us socially, politically, or economically. Understanding such effects is essential as it affects our vote.

We often hear that voting is our civic duty. Still, not many understand why a simple stamp can hold such significance. Your vote is your voice on all matters that affect you.

Parties contesting elections often make claims to persuade voters to stand with them. However, political insight includes studying parties’ history and learning how they’ve delivered on their past promises. You can also understand which parties are making lofty claims and which intend to see through their commitments.

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