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Complete Information about the Citi Rewards Credit Card

The Citi rewards card can be described as a cash back rewards card with a special package of features. This new cash back card from Citi is unique in many ways and offers benefits that no other Citi cash card or Citi credit card has ever offered.

This new cash back card from Citi offers an amazing rewards rate in several popular categories such as groceries, dining, gas and travel, but facilitates earning rewards even faster by automatically giving you cash back at every purchase you make in that category over any billing period.

Help Customers Earn Points

Citi has developed a special feature to help customers earn rewards even quicker. Citi uses an advanced algorithm to determine what purchases you may have made to maximize your rewards.

 Therefore, if you make purchases such as gas at the pump or at a restaurant with items that are category favorites, such as coffee, Citi will automatically give you cash back. Citi rewards customers who take advantage of this feature by allowing them to select the amount of cashback they want.

Maximize the Rewards

Citi cash back cards offer many different categories that customers can choose from so that they can maximize their rewards. Some cash back cards are designed for travelers. Citi offers two types of travel rewards programs; airline miles and hotel stays.

 If you travel a lot, Citi is the one to go with if you want to earn rewards on your trips. Citi Custom cash back cards are available from many major banks with many other financial institutions also offering Citi cash back cards.

Earn Bonus Points

Citi offers several categories that earn you bonus points and earn you rewards when you use your Citi cash card to pay for purchases, use online shopping, pay bills, or apply for services.

These categories include: dining, gas and restaurant, travel, entertainment, car rentals and hotels, entertainment and sport, home improvement, health and fitness, gifts, and many more categories. This makes Citi the best company when it comes to choosing your rewards program.

Cash Rebate

Citi uses two different ways to calculate your Citi card use. First, your cash rebate will be calculated on the total cost of your purchases. Second, the percentage of your total purchases is used to determine your Citi card balance.

The good thing about Citi’s method of calculating your rebate is that you receive a discount on your first purchase and on each additional purchase. The more that you use your Citi travel card, the better your chances are of earning a high reward rate and low interest rate.

Cash-Back Rewards and Bonus Points

Citi rewards card offers are very popular among cardholders, who can earn cash back rewards and bonus points. Citi cardholders also get other special benefits such as airline miles, hotel stays, cash-back on purchases, low interest rates on loans, no annual fees, and free or low-cost airline’s tickets.

 For the frequent traveler Citi makes an excellent travel card. Citi rewards card programs are available in all areas of the world, but Citi rewards card holders seem to enjoy the best deals. Citi makes excellent travel cards that allow cardholders to enjoy everything Citi has to offer without having to worry about carrying cash, since Citi cash cards can be used anywhere Citi ships, so cardholders won’t have to carry large amounts of cash to pay for purchases.