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Daniel Bryan using the Yes Movement to fight Bray Wyatt 

After winning the Universal Championship from Seth Rollins at the Crown Jewel PPV, Bray ‘The Fiend’ Wyatt has been quite busy.

He introduced the all-new WWE Universal Championship with the revamped blue accent; and even teased the debut of a new character on Firefly Fun House. Amidst all this chaos, try and guess who came in Wyatt’s crosshairs recently for the second time. It was none other than Daniel Bryan. 

In the most recent episode of WWE SmackDown, Bray The Fiend Wyatt challenged Daniel Bryan asking whether he wanted to play with him again. This was unexpected as we were anticipating Roman Reigns to be Bray’s next target.

Which in turn will give The Big Dog his long-overdue shot at the Universal Championship which he had to relinquish last year due to bad health. But to everyone’s surprise, the storyline took an unexpected turn as we saw Daniel Bryan being involved for the second time with The Fiend.

The Fiend’s challenge to Daniel Bryan

After The Fiend’s challenge to Daniel Bryan, the fans were eagerly waiting for Bryan’s response.

Also, the fans started to notice a trend with The Fiend’s opponents post-match against him. The Fiend’s opponents showed an evident change in personality after their match against him as we noticed was the case with Finn Balor and Seth Rollins. 

Along with Bray Wyatt promising a ‘new face’ for the Firefly Fun House tonight, he even introduced a new and rather disturbingly ugly version of the Universal title with the Fiend’s own face on it. By the end of the show, Daniel Bryan announced acceptance to The Fiend’s challenge.

But that was not all. As it seemed, Daniel Bryan even revived the Yes! Movement in the process. But before the audience could cope with the ongoing proceedings,  the Fiend appeared out of a hole in the ring.

And what followed was very disturbing. Her first attacked Bryan and with the Mandible Claw choke and then dragged him through the hole. What we saw next was truly unexpected. 

Did the Fiend Really Tear out Daniel Bryan’s Hair?

While the entire arena was being washed with red lights the Fiend was apparently tearing out Bryan’s hair on live television. Obviously, it was not Bryan’s actual hair as Bryan was nowhere to be seen but it confirmed one thing for sure.

The next time we will see Daniel Bryan, he would be in a totally new look. Maybe bald, maybe without a beard, we don’t know for sure. 

It has been almost a decade since we have seen Bryan rocking the totally shaven look. At that time he was known as the American Dragon Bryan Danielson.

Also, who is this new addition to the Firefly Fun House, we are still confused on that part too. One thing for sure, the audience will find it hard to get accustomed to his new look and his feud with The Fiend can possibly be the maximum spotlight which he will be getting in the past few years.

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