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In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule. Friedrich Nietzsche

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Did the AI Joe Rogan Pass the Turing Test?

A simple video raises the disturbing question did the AI Joe Rogan pass the Turing Test. Consequently, big history could play out on YouTube.

To explain, an artificial intelligence (AI) from Dessa can mimic podcast king Joe Rogan almost perfectly. The first podcast from the AI Rogan is not impressive but its effect could be earth shattering.

To elaborate, the AI Rogan came up with the video’s script and subject with no human help, The Verge claims. In the video, AI Rogan delivers a rant about organizing a chimp hockey team. Disturbingly, the AI Rogan talks and looks like the real podcaster.

The Turing Test; or Imitation Game, is an AI evaluation method, computer pioneer Alan Turing designed in 1951. Turing theorized that the first true AI will demonstrate its intelligence by fooling people into thinking it is human. Consequently, Dessa’s Fake Joe Rogan could pass a Turing Test.

Are Fake Politicians the Next Step in Fake News?

Therefore, you could use Dessa’s AI to create fake celebrities or politicians that create and post their own podcasts, videos, blogs, articles, etc. online.

The implications of this technology are frightening. For example, you could create a fake President Donald J. Trump (R-New York) who delivers rants about abolishing Social Security or the genius of Adolph Hitler. Or a phony Russian President Vladimir Putin who praises the genius of Joseph Stalin and glorifies Lenin’s murder of Tsar Nicholas II as a heroic act.

Such fake politicians could quickly the destroy reputation and careers of major political figures. Just imagine the damage a fake Trump that labels all White Southerners “ignorant rednecks” and calls the Bible “bullshit” could do to the President’s reelection efforts.

The Next Generation in Fake News

AI fakes that look like real newscasters could do even greater damage. A phony Lester Holt that reports fake terrorist attacks as real, for example.

Attackers will use somebody like Holt; NBC’s anchorman, to reach unsophisticated viewers who are unaware of “AI deepfakes’” existence. Someone will do massive damage if a malicious AI that looks like a real newscaster or politician goes out on a broadcast TV network.

Data indicates many broadcast TV viewers do not use computers or use the internet. So such people will be perfect targets for AI charlatans.

How AI can generate hysteria and chaos

Under those circumstances, nobody will believe any newscast and what little trust people have left in media will evaporate. Fake political leaders making phony statements somebody designs to trigger panic or violence could do the ultimate damage.

Such an attacker could use a video of a fake Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi announcing total devaluation of all paper currency to wreak havoc in India. Since Modi already made such an announcement in 2016, Indians could believe the fake PM triggering panic.

Worst of all, it could be possible for one person to launch such an attack. I think one mad genius; or terrorist, create worldwide hysteria using Dessa’s technology.

Is Dessa the Most Disruptive Company in AI?

The Rogan AI apparently runs on Foundations, Dessa’s commercial AI platform. Significantly, Dessa is selling Foundations to business.

Foundations will serve as a platform and operating system for AI to operate on. Thus, a good way to think of Foundations is as a “Windows for artificial intelligence.” Remember, Windows took software to the masses by offering an easy to use operating system.

I think Foundations could be disruptive because it could enable anybody with the right hardware to operate, build, and deploy artificial intelligence solutions. Ultimately, designers could create use Foundations to create AI solutions and sell them through GitHub or Aitheon’s proposed AI marketplace.

How AI will Kill Jobs

Ultimately, Dessa plans to sell AI solutions and systems to business in the way, Oracle (NYSE: ORC) markets financial software.

Tellingly, the Dessa website states “Dessa’s AI services empower enterprises to build and own artificial intelligence IP and uncover the technology’s true impact.” Moreover, Dessa brags, “we provide software, infrastructural engineering services and support designing, building and deploying advanced AI use cases at scale.”

If these claims are true Dessa’s technology could destroy vast numbers of jobs. An example of Dessa’s job killing tech is “streamlined data workflows.” An AI that streamlines data workflow could eliminate file clerks, editors, accounting clerks, analysts, intelligence officers, and even webmasters.

Those positions are in danger because one of those people’s main roles is coordinating data flows. Just making a data flow faster and more efficient will eliminate some jobs.

Managers beware AI is coming for Your Jobs 

Dessa’s AI even threatens some management positions because it can manage processes. Notably, Walmart (NYSE: WMT) is testing an AI surveillance system that manages stock levels and monitors store conditions on Long Island.

Plus Walmart is seeking ways of trimming its management staff, CNBC claims. Walmart is testing new store store structures with fewer assistant managers and department managers.

Instead, AI could direct associates to perform tasks like helping customers, cleaning up spills, and restocking shelves. Tellingly, AI is already giving orders to associates at the Intelligent Retail Lab; a Walmart Neighborhood Market, in Levittown, New York, TechCrunch reports.

How AI threatens retail managers’ jobs

Eliminating human managers makes sense for retailers for several reasons.

First, managers’ salaries are much higher than other retail workers. Payscale estimates the average Retail Store Manager makes $46,609 a year. That contrasts with the average retail associate who makes $33,175 a year, according to Glassdoor.

Second, good managers are often hard to find. I have even seen signs offering Dollar Tree (NASDAQ: DLTR) customers a reward for referring an experienced retail manager to the discounter.

Third, human managers can be stupid, racist, sexist, abusive, ignorant, paranoid, bigoted, rude, and incompetent. A racist or sexist manager can drive customers away and trigger lawsuits, for example. Moreover, an AI is not likely to micromanage workers, sexually harass employees, steal from the company, or insult customers.

Thus, AI could lead to better customer service and improve working conditions for employees at a lower cost. Personally, I think AI would have done a better job than several of the bosses I have worked for.

Can you Invest in Dessa? 

Under these circumstances, many people will ask how they can invest in Dessa. Currently, Dessa is a privately held company with offices in Toronto and New York. Thus, the public cannot invest in Dessa.

However, you can invest in two of Dessa’s partners hardware maker NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) and software giant Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT). Interestingly, Microsoft is the owner of GitHub; the world’s largest software development platform, and the force behind Windows.

To be specific, Microsoft’s partnership with Dessa is through its Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform. Thus, Microsoft could be planning to make Dessa AI solutions like Foundations available through Azure. Plus, I think there could be a market for Dessa AI on GitHub.

Will Dessa Boost NVIDIA?

NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVIDA) is investing in Dessa because it builds the chips and processors artificial intelligence runs on. Obviously, increasing the use of AI, could increase the market for NVIDIA’s products. Presently, NVIDIA is focusing on deep learning and AI.

Dessa is a company to watch because it could commercialize and popularize AI in the way Microsoft commercialized and popularized software back in the 1980s. I think Dessa could be the most disruptive company in AI, in the final analysis.