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Essay Writing Market: How to Choose the Best Service?

For students who are busy doing their essays, they look for solutions in the form of online essay writing services. These services can either write a full essay or a student or part of it.  Anything from editing, proofreading, research assistance, thesis assistance, and formatting is also offered by essay writing services.

Any student needs to know that no two essay writing services are the same. Some have a good reputation and will deliver good quality content in time. Some are unreliable and will only want to steal money from students by giving them work that is plagiarism or poorly written.

With that being said, a student needs to be very careful when they are picking an essay writing service. A student has to prioritize essay writing services that deliver their assignments quickly and communicate with clients i.e students in this case regularly.

The content also has to be original and not found elsewhere because any student that submits work that isn’t original, will face serious consequences because plagiarism is something that is taken very seriously. Below are some professional tips a student can use to pick the best essay writing service, Advanced Writers, for example.

Cheaper is not always better

In a climate where most students are looking to get their assignments written for them cheaply so they can spend their money elsewhere, this is not a good idea. Never go for the cheap option because chances are they will sell you work that is plagiarized.

There is a high chance they are reselling the same essay to so many students and it will be picked up by your tutors when they use software such as Turnitin. Producing a good quality essay takes time and effort.

 Any website that is telling you that your essay will be ready in a few hours should be avoided at all costs. You are much better off doing the assignment by yourself, however, if you want a good quality essay from a professional, you have to be ready to pay big and never compromise when it comes to quality.

Make sure the writers on the essay writing website are familiar with the many essay styles required by tutors

If a student is studying multiple modules, they will be asked to produce different types of assignments.

You need to do your homework and make sure that the website you are about to get your essay written on can write in the style you need. This means citing sources well, presenting arguments well, using sources of data well as well as proofreading.

Make sure that they produce work that matches your writing style

Every student will have a writing style that is unique to them.  When you seek help from an essay writing service, you have to make sure that the work they produce mirrors your writing styles.

Give them samples of your work if you have to do that they get familiar with your writing style so that the work they produce matches how you write your essay. If English is your second language and you make a few grammar mistakes, make the writer aware of this from the get-go.

Make sure they have an open line of communication

The key to producing a good quality essay is communication.

You have to make sure that the essay writing service you pick allows you to communicate frequently with your writer. If there’s a live chat feature on the website, make the most of that and if the email is your preferred mode of communication, check your mail as often as possible.

Make sure their customer service team is available around the clock

Always make sure that their customer service team can be reached around the clock because you will want to know how your work is progressing. If things go wrong, you want to know how you’ll be able to get your money back.

Make sure they offer free revisions

Check their website to see if they have a revision policy on their website.

Many essay writing services these days do offer free revisions if they are not happy with the final product. You should never be charged for revisions.

Look at the guarantees on their website

Academic essay writing services will have certain guarantees on their website like estimated delivery time, producing original content, proofread the work, refunds, confidentiality and more.

Any essay writing website that doesn’t offer some of the guarantees mentioned above should not be trusted.

Look at the roster of writers

Before you part ways with your money, you need to know who will be handling your work.

Check the qualifications of the writers on the website and see their academic level. Ideally, you should prioritize a website that has a writer who holds a master’s degree or Ph.D. in your specialized subject.

Make sure they provide you a plagiarism report

If you pick cheap services because you want to save some money, the chances of you getting a plagiarized essay are very high.

To make sure that you get good quality original content at all times, always pick essay writing services that provide a plagiarism report for free.

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