Factors To Consider When You Buy Property Off Grid

When you want to buy off grid property, you need to know what you are buying, where it is located, and how you can use it.

 Plus, you can use the tips below to get the best possible property for the money. You do not want to spend too much money on the property, and you do not want to be stuck with a property that causes problems for you or your family.

Buy Property That Does Not Have Covenants

You should look for property that does not have any covenants attached to it. You might find a property that has covenants from the previous owner’s will. You might be stuck in a covenant with a community nearby, or you might need to honor a covenant with the government.

When you transfer money to Mexico for the down payment, you need to see the contract that explains there are no covenants. Plus, you should not pay extra for government fees that are needed because of existing covenants.

Buy Agricultural Land

You should try to buy agricultural land. This does not mean that you are buying land that you will use as a farm.

However, you should buy land that other people might want to tend. You could preserve the land for the community, and you might be paid by the government to preserve the land. This is a great way for you to add some value to the land, and you might sell it in the future because it has agricultural value.

Buy Property In A Remote Area

If you plan to buy a property that is off the grid, you must find a remote area. These remote areas tend to rise in value if you can use the property for hunting, farming, or events.

You can turn your off grid property into a cabin that you rent to vacationers, and you can enjoy the silence you hear every night on the property.

Plus, you should find a location that is not near a hunting club or state park. If you are hunting on your own land, you will be the only person out there.

Do Not Buy Property That Has No Access

You need to find a property that has a dirt road or some sort of track that you can drive to get to the cabin.

If you do not have access to the property, you will need to build a road. You need to spend a lot of money just to create a track for your property, and you will be frustrated by the fact that you cannot drive a normal car out there.

Check The Local Zoning Codes

You may want to buy a property where you can build a cabin or add on to a cabin. However, you need to know the local zoning codes and regulations first.

If you need to go through the county or city office every time you want to build on your own property, you will be frustrated. Plus, you will find that it costs a lot of money to prepare the documents needed for each zoning ordinance.

Do A Title Search

You need to do a title search to make sure that the property does not have any liens or claims against it. If the title of the property is in someone else’s name other than the seller, you need to know why.

You may need to prove that the previous owner died without any heirs. Plus, you may be required to post an ad in the paper searching for the heirs of the previous owner. Try to avoid properties like this as much as possible.

Check The Price Of Insurance For The Land

You need insurance for your property, but you might need a lot of insurance because you bought acres upon acres of land.

Check with local insurance agencies to learn how much it costs to insure the land. If it costs too much to insure the land, you may need to move on.

Avoid Any Historical Sites

You should avoid any historical sites that could be taken over by the government or the park service.

Plus, you cannot make any changes to historical land without first working with the government or an historic trust. This makes the property much more expensive to manage, and you will spend too much time dealing with the historic buildings on the property.


When you want to buy off grid property, you should check on all the things listed above.

You cannot buy into a property that will require a lawyer, zoning professionals, and meetings with government agents. Plus, you need to find a property that is easy to reach and easy to use. You can add farming or animals to the property, and you can sell the property for a profit in the future.