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Finally, Media is turning on Trump, or is it?

Interestingly, the Big Media is apparently turning on Trump at long last. To explain, major media outlets finally seem to be holding President Donald J. Trump (R-New York) accountable for some of his worst excesses.

For instance, several media outlets led by The New York Times are reporting on the employment of illegal immigrants at The Trump National Golf Club in Bedminister, New Jersey. In detail, The NY Times claims a woman named Victorina Morales made President Trump’s bed and cleaned his room.

In addition, the Secret Service gave Morales; an undocumented immigrant from Guatemala, an award for service, The Times alleges. Notably, Morales has allegedly been working at the club since 2013.

Thus Morales was there during the 2016 Presidential election, yet reporters only recently noticed her presence. I think The New York Times has known about Morales for some time but ignored her until now.

Is the media turning on Trump after ignoring his sleaze for years?

A more bothersome example of The Times’ strange tolerance of the Donald’s ethics lapses involves an alleged tax scam. 

The Times claims Trump, his siblings, and father created a front called All Building Supply & Maintenance to jack up the cost of building supplies. The New York Times alleges the Trumps padded supply costs at New York apartment buildings.

To clarify, The Times alleges the Trumps used the padded bills to raise the rents in their rent-controlled buildings in the early 1990s. In addition, the Trumps’ allegedly received tax breaks on the higher costs.

To be fair, there is no evidence these activities involved President Trump himself. In fact, the scam could have been the work of his father, Fred Trump, who died in 1999.

Moreover, the alleged wrongdoing occurred in the early 1990s, yet The Times is only reporting on it now. Why?

Is the Media Turning on Trump after covering for him for years?

I have to wonder where these stories were in 2016. Don’t the American people deserve to know about accusations of illegal activities against a Presidential candidate? In particular, didn’t those voting for Trump because he is supposedly against illegal immigration deserve to know he was hiring illegal immigrants?

Importantly, we must ask did The New York Times have these stories in 2016 and sit on them. Finally, we must ask was the nation’s most prestigious newspaper willing to suppress stories about Trump.

Markedly, The Times is just one of many news outlets that refused to report on Trump’s wrongdoing. For example, many media ignored allegations of Trump’s racism, alleged business dealings with the Mafia, and bribery accusations.

Is the Media Turning on Trump after helping him become President?

I believe the media deliberately and systematically refused to report on Trump’s wrongdoing. Moreover, I think the media went out of its way to protect Trump and suppress negative stories about him.

In fact, I have never seen the big media give a politician the preference Trump received in 2016. To clarify, I can remember several presidential elections (going back to 1980) and I have never seen a presidential candidate get as little negative coverage as Trump received.

Okay, to be fair, a few media outlets like Politico and CNN ran negative stories about Trump in 2016. However, most of the media ignored them. For example, I did not see a single Trump Mafia story on any of the Big Three broadcast networks (CBS, ABC, and NBC).

Incredibly, the Big Media ignored the Trump Mafia allegations even though they come from a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Cay Johnston. In contrast, I think if Johnston made the same accusations against Hillary Clinton (D-New York), all three networks would have led their newscasts with the story.

Why is the Media turning on Trump after creating him?

Hence we must ask why the big media is turning against Trump after helping him reach the Oval Office. Interestingly, there are several good reasons the media is turning on Trump.

First, the Big Media underestimated the level of hatred for Trump in America. Plus, media did not expect the anger Trump’s election generated all over the country. In particularly, a lot of “journalists” were genuinely shocked and scared by the massive demonstrations following Trump’s election and inauguration.

In response, left-leaning media outlets like The Times are trying to establish their anti-Trump credentials to protect themselves from a progressive backlash. Indeed, it is no coincidence that these stories are appearing a little over a month after a big Democratic victory in midterm elections.

Is the Media turning on Trump because Wall Street is unhappy?

Second, I think a lot of journalists refused to take Trump seriously. To clarify those people did not believe Trump would win and refused take his agenda seriously.

In particular, a lot of journalists probably believed Trump was lying when he made ridiculous promises like the wall, Muslim bans, and tariffs on Chinese products. However, now he is President Trump is trying to make good on those promises.

Hence, the Big Media could punish Trump for bucking the Wall Street Party line of “what’s good for Goldman Sachs is good for America.” Notice that the more Trump deviates from the neoliberal Wall Street dogma of open borders and free trade, the more negative stories appear.

Is the Media Turning on Trump because he is a Conservative?

Third, I think many journalists believed Trump would not govern as a conservative. To explain, the reporters thought Trump would revert to his former liberal self in the White House.

On the other hand, Trump is one of the most conservative Presidents in our history. For instance the Donald signed a massive tax cut, shrank national monuments, appointed strict conservative judges, made Climate Change denial national policy, and pulled out of the Paris Accords.

Hence, the media could punish Trump for being a conservative. Disgustingly, the same “progressive journalists” who had no problem with Trump’s racism, sexism, and corruption cannot tolerate his conservativism.

Is the Media turning on Trump because it is corrupt?

The big media’s coverage of Trump is both hypocritical and corrupt. Moreover, the media’s track record exposes the “Resistance’s” preposterous claim that Trump threatens a free press as a shoddy lie.

For instance, Trump will talk to reporters all the time and hold regular press conferences. Notably, I see the Donald commenting to reporters almost every night on the news, something that never happened with Barrack Obama (D-Illinois) or George W. Bush (R-Texas).

For instance, the supposedly anti-media President seems to give an interview almost every day. Additionally, Trump goes out to his way to talk to media outlets hostile to him like The Washington Post.

Finally, there is one important lesson that Americans of all political persuasions can learn from the Trump Big Media relationship. That lesson, is never trust the Big Media, it will not work in the interests of the American people.

Instead, the big media is willing to sacrifice public good for narrow ideological and economic interests. The Trump coverage should teach us all to beware of the Big Media because it cannot be trusted to tell the truth, provide full coverage, or do its job.