First Hyperloop Passenger Pod Planned for Next Year

HyperloopTT plans to unveil the world’s first Hyperloop Passenger Capsule or Pod next year.

“In 2019, this capsule will be fully optimized and ready for passengers,” Hyerloop TT Chairman Bibop Gresta says. The “Quintero One” passenger capsule will be built in   Spain and tested at HyperloopTT’s research and development center in Toulouse, France. The Business Standard did not reveal where in Spain the Quintero is being built.

The Quintero One is apparently designed for passenger service. For example, the Quintero One will reportedly carry between 28 and 40 passengers, Hyperloop TT’s website claims.

Tellingly, news articles did not say when actual passengers will ride in the Quintero One. As far as I know nobody has actually ridden in a Hyperloop pod.

Passengers will Probably Ride in HyperloopTT Pasenger Pod in 2020

I expect the first passengers to ride in the Quintero One sometime in 2020. HyperloopTT or HTT will need to conduct six months to a year of testing before authorities let people ride in a pod.

Interestingly, they built the Quintero One Pod with Vibranium; a specially-made dual layer smart composite material. Notably, HyperloopTT named Vibranium for the metal found in the Black Panther’s fictional kingdom of Wakanda in Marvel Comics. The most famous object made from Vibranium is Captain America’s indestructible shield.

The Quintero One Hyperloop Passenger Pod on runs on Electromagnetic Propulsion

HyperloopTT will obviously test the Quintero One test on the 320 meter long track HyperloopTT is building in Toulouse. In addition, it plans a second kilometer long track in Toulouse for 2019.

It provides few details about the amenities or the inside of the Quintero One at HyperloopTT’s website. The only detail revealed is augmented windows that will provide an illusion of looking outside the tube. The windows are probably screens that show entertainment or pictures relayed from cameras on the sides of the tube.

Uniquely, the Quintero One will be propelled down the tubes by passive Maglev or magnetic levitation. Other features include embedded rechargeable batteries, and a linear induction motor.

Therefore, the Quintero One employs electromagnetic propulsion. As a result it runs on a frictionless magnetic cushion inside a giant tube. If the system works as advertised it will be silent and emission free.

HyperloopTT claims its stations will serve 3,600 passengers an hour. HyperloopTT is planning a system that can move 164,000 passengers a day when it is working at maximum efficiency. Interestingly, the same system will move up to 4,000 cargo shipments a day.