We Get Lots of Views on Seeking Alpha

Market Mad House and its writer; Daniel G. Jennings, are getting a lot of great exposure on Seeking Alpha these days.

The most recent set of numbers indicates that this blog and its creator have a large following on Seeking Alpha. Some of the interesting stats found at Seeking Alpha on April 26, 2016, include:

  • Jennings’ Seeking Alpha articles received 122,471 views in the 12 months that ended on April 26, 2016.


  • Jennings’ articles received 13,368 views on Seeking Alpha in the 30 days that ended on April 26.


  • Jennings’ writing received 408 views on Seeking Alpha the morning of April 26, 2016.


  • Jennings’ articles received 35,329 views on Seeking Alpha during March 2016.


  • As of April 26, 2016 – Jennings had 333 followers on Seeking Alpha.


  • Jennings had 99 real time followers on Seeking Alpha on the same day.



Mr. Jennings is available for freelance writing both directly and through UpWork. He can be contacted directly through this email:  [email protected]. Please note that Jennings will not promote any stock or investment on Seeking Alpha or anywhere else, so please do not ask.

Guest Posting opportunities are available on Market Mad House. Please note that paid content posted at Market Mad House will not appear on Seeking Alpha. All paid content posted at Market Mad House will carry a disclaimer in order to comply with Seeking Alpha’s requirements.

Disclaimer: this is promotional content designed to promote this blog and its owner.