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How Crypto is Disrupting the Financial Ecosystem

It is difficult to gauge the extent that crypto will change our financial world order. But, what we do know is that Crypto will definitely leave a profound impact.

Looking back, it is shocking to see how new this financial revolution really is. Bitcoin made its introduction to the financial ecosystem in 2009. And cryptos took the world by storm shortly after. Since then, industries around the world have been closely following their development.

While the financial industry is no stranger to revolutionary innovation, it faced a new level of disruption by cryptocurrency. Credit cards, the Internet, and a line of other technological breakthroughs have all led the way for cryptos to change the financial landscape.

Disruption by Cryptocurrency

With that being said, due to its radical method of data keeping, cryptocurrency is predicted to disrupt the financial world in ways we’ve never seen before. Anyone familiar with blockchain technology will agree that crypto can change the financial world for the better.

Blockchain is a digital ledger that stores data with complete transparency and immutability. Its most prized attribute, though, is its decentralization. Everyone on the network has equal access to the information therein, as well as an equal say about what goes on there.

But blockchain isn’t the only aspect of cryptocurrency that makes it such a game changer. After all, some cryptos don’t even use blockchain as their framework. As seen by the way digital money is taking the financial world by storm, there’s more to it than just blockchain.

The infographic below, researched and created by Fortunly, does an excellent job overviewing how the financial industry is buckling under the weight of crypto disruption. Point by point, the infographic goes into specific detail about the various aspects of the fintech revolution.

You can expect to learn about speculations, indelible changes in the industry landscape, various examples of disruption and adoption, and much more. It is a terrific, no-nonsense, straight-to-the-numbers informative treasure trove that will definitely give you an idea of how the story of crypto is unfolding. Check out the infographic below to learn more!

How crypto is disrupting financial ecosystem - Infographic