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How Do Casinos Make Money? The Science Behind the Industry

It’s no secret that the casino business is a major money-making industry. Each year, casinos around the world rake in billions of dollars in revenue, and yet most people lack a fundamental understanding about how do casinos make money.

As with any industry, profits are a key priority for casinos. That’s why every aspect of the gaming industry is geared to generate as much cash as possible, day after day all year round.

This article takes a closer look at the science behind gaming so that you can get a better understanding of how they bring in revenue from gambling. Keep reading to learn the basics.

The Handle

“The handle” is a gaming term that refers to the total amount of money an individual player has made in bets. This includes both cash and chips. 

Many people confuse “the handle” with “the drop”, but “the drop “is actually the amount of cash exchanged for chips while the player is on the gaming floor. 

A casino can increase the amount of “the handle” by enticing a player to spend more time gambling and increasing the amount of money used during betting. In other words, the greater the average bet, the more money the casino stands to collect.

The House Edge

The simple reality of gambling is that the casino always has an edge in every bet a player makes. The “house edge” refers to this statistical advantage. 

It really is a simple numbers game, and the casino understands that the longer a player continues to bet, the greater the odds that the house will take the money. Thus the importance of keeping the player in-house as long as possible.

It’s understood that the player might win some big bets, and yet the odds are still highly stacked in the casino’s favor.

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Offering Player Comps

This is a very sneaky way that casinos increase the amount of money they take in from individual players.

Comps are like a bonus offered to players who do a lot of betting. It’s a practice that typically includes free food, hotel rooms at the casino, and tickets to a number of entertainment attractions there at the casino such as live music events.

The average player will likely be delighted to receive comps, and yet this isn’t a simple matter of the casino being nice. After all, the purpose of the comp is to keep the player in the casino and encourage them to increase the amount of money they spend on the gambling floor.

How Do Casinos Make Money?

Gaming can be a lot of fun. There are literally dozens of ways to gamble at casinos around the world. Whether you like to bet big or small, there’s tons of gaming options to choose from, and this article should help you have a better understanding of how do casinos make money.

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