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How SEO Can Benefit Your Personal Blog

  • SEO helps your site or blog rank higher on search engines
  • SEO can help improve your blog traffic and increase your revenue

If you run a personal blog, you will surely be looking for ways to get more traffic to it. This is because the more people that access your blog, the better it is for you in terms of the revenue you can make. Can Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefit your personal blog?

In this article, we will explain what SEO is, how you can apply it to your blog and the benefits you can derive from doing so. This article has been written in a way that we hope you will find easy to read and beneficial. Without further ado, let’s get started with our guide on how SEO can benefit your blog.

Understanding SEO

SEO is the process of improving your website ranking on search engines so that more people can see it. It is typical for people to search for things on search engines such as Google and Bing, and if your website/blog is among the first results that show up, there is a tendency that people will check it.

Several personal blog owners use a variety of methods, such as total asset management (TAM) to improve their performance. By seeing blogs as an asset, blog owners can develop, maintain and operate it the right way, and this can, in turn, lead to more revenue. In a way, SEO can be referred to as a way of managing an asset blog.

Focus on Keywords

Since running a blog is about posting engaging contents, you should ensure that you include the right keywords in your blog posts so that it can reach more audience. You can use different online tools such as Google Trends to know which keywords are currently trending in relation to your blog post. Here’s how you can create good content for your blogs.

  •  Research long-tail keywords to include in your content while avoiding keyword stuffing.

Make Your Blog Mobile-friendly

According to Statistica, there are approximately 6.95billion mobile users worldwide, and many love to surf the internet from their mobile devices.

The algorithms that search engines use also considers how accessible a site is on mobile before it is being ranked. Thus, you should ensure that your blog is mobile-friendly so that it can rank better. Below are steps to make your blog mobile-friendly.

  • • Make website speed a priority
  •  Make your website responsive
  •  Make information easy to find
  •  Stick with simple design

Link Internally and Backlink

Another thing that you need to consider helping improve the SEO of your blog is to add internal links to your blog posts.

These links will take readers to other articles in your blog that they can find useful. You can as well use links on other sites or blogs that will lead back to your personal blog.

What You Stand to Gain From SEO

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, optimizing your blog for search engines can help you get more traffic, and in the long run, this can lead to increased revenue. Aside from that, SEO helps build credibility for your brand, which is something important if you are running a personal blog.

Final Thoughts

Throughout this comprehensive article, we’ve explained different ways that you can use to improve the SEO of your blog.

We’ve also stated the different benefits that come with implementing SEO. Remember that with good SEO, your blog can reach more audience, and in the end, you can get increased revenue from it.