How to know that a slots site is Legit

Because of the sheer amount of online slot sites that you players can choose from nowadays, there are strict regulatory bodies, such as the UK Gambling Commission, set up to try and protect the rights of the player, and the rights of the other companies that are operating safely and securely – play now at Star.

What’s the problem?

Unfortunately, like most industries, the worst of the bunch can occasionally slip through the cracks, and the players are often left wondering, is this online slot site legit? Or am I being scammed?

 As a player, that’s never a position you want to be in, as soon as a player or a group of players have lost trust in a developer, it never goes well. As a community, and an industry, we need to all band together and help each other out in uncovering an injustice that occur to the players. So let’s have a look the likelihood of running into a well-constructed scam or ‘fake slot’, and how to spot one if you think you might have.

How can a slot site not be legit?

In order to set up as a functioning online casino, you have to pass though several regulatory stages in order to get the necessary qualifications to run your casino properly.

Without these necessary stages, it is physically impossible to register and promote an online slots site. So, in that sense, fake slots are not really slots at all. So, in that sense, fake slots are not really slots at all. Instead, what scammers do to get around this, is to create an online slight that is so convincing, it could pass as an online slot site, and remain undetected as a scam site that is solely created to take an unsuspecting layers money and run for the hills.

What to look out for when deciding if a slot site is legit?

There are a few obvious features to check straight off the bat when considering whether or not you have run into a fake slot site:

  •  Is there a loading screen that appears to be booting up the game? – if not then this could be an early sign of a scam site. This is because scammers present a game as if it is real, but in actual fact, it is just a webpage disguised as a game, so it has no need for a loading screen.
  •  Do the pay tables and rules make sense? If you’re a slot player yourself, then you’ll know what you might expect in the rules and structure of an online slot game. If the rules do not make sense, or the structure seems too easy to win more money than expected, you might be looking at a scam.
  • Be mindful of glitches or bad graphics. A fake slot game obviously has not gone through the proper regulatory stages, so the game might not have a particularly usable, or believable interface. If the slot game is showing visual glitches, poor graphics, or complex and convoluted gameplay, there’s a chance it could be a scam.