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In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule. Friedrich Nietzsche

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How to Learn to Take Risks on the Stock Market

Something that you will quickly realize when you start putting money into stocks and shares is that the stock market comes with many risks. A company that you thought was going places may find itself unable to pivot its product line, resulting in a loss of money. Or, it may be unable to face off the challenge of a new competitor that seems to come out of nowhere.

However, exposing yourself to new possibilities doesn’t come easily. It’s a mindset and a skill and one that you have to work on to improve. If you are known for being conservative and sticking to what you know, then it’s time to learn, to prepare to look at the positives when you test your luck.

Why Do People Take Risks?

People take risks for many different reasons. One of these is that it feels good. According to GoodTherapy, taking major shots in the dark leads to a rush of adrenaline (the rush feeling) as well as dopamine (what makes you feel good). Some people also have personalities that support taking risks – they may be more confident and so like to test out their skills by doing “risky” things.

As there are many different reasons why people take on something new, there are all kinds of ways to take risks too. For many, that does look like putting money into the stock market. While you will try to make a good guess at a company’s performance, you are risking your money by buying their stocks and shares.

Many successful people also take risks by pursuing a business partnership, and by doing public speaking in front of huge crowds. There are good reasons for taking all of these risks and this is something that you’ll need to learn to succeed with stocks. 

How to Prepare to Take Risks

If you aren’t used to taking risks then the first thing you need to do is reframe your mind around this kind of action. See them not as a “win or lose” situation but as an opportunity for you to gain experience. We see this idea in gaming as well as the stock market and so playing online casino games may help you to understand when to take a chance by playing games with high RTP (Return To Player) rates.

There is a good range of gambling games for you to test this out on. You can win and risk real money online by playing blackjack (where you try and beat the house dealer by getting cards that add up to 21), pick numbers on roulette, or bet on your favorite sports teams. Casino review sites provide information about the casino games available on each site, allowing you to choose a risk-taking exercise that suits you. Reviews will also tell you if the casino is available on mobile devices and if there are any bonuses (such as free spins) which can help you get started.

Outside of gaming, you can also learn new skills which are outside of your comfort zone. For many people that may be doing public speaking exercises as you challenge the fear of embarrassing yourself, forgetting your words or falling on stage. You can also take on new challenges, such as making a conversation with a stranger, or going somewhere you’ve never been. As you build up your ability to do things you’ve never done before, your openness to taking on calculated risks will grow too.