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How to Make Your Business Documents Look Outstanding

Business documents are in some way an introduction to the professionalism and intelligence behind the brand. They’re an emblem of how seriously your business takes its operations, and thus the more outstanding the documents you produce, the more you’re going to impress customers, clients and partners.

If you’re interested in making your company documents look smart, professional and modern, this is the guide for you. You’ll find that making these alterations takes no time at all, but will have significant benefits in presenting the image of your company you wish to extend to the world.

Make Templates

Your first step is to make consistent templates for work documents that you’ll be able to share with the rest of your staff. You should have a template for invoices and a template for business letters; templates for correspondence within the company, and templates for correspondence with customers and clients.

With this setup, you can easily compose smart-looking documents without agonizing each time over the appearance. Plus, you’ll have standardized documents across your business, a business practice that presents consistency and professionalism to customers.

In terms of how your template should look, you may want to talk to your resident designer to help you come up with one. General rules include:

  • Keep it simple, with black and white the only colors
  • Make your brand name and logo centrally visible
  • Ensure the fonts you choose are of the correct type and size
  • Include important information, like the business’s address, telephone number, and website

Once your template is finalized, share it with all your staff to begin using with immediate effect.

Quality Printing

With the best templates in the world, you might still run into trouble if you’re not able to print what you’ve designed to look smart and well put together.

Most of the time, poor results in printing are that fault of the printer itself, or the ink that it’s using to mark the page. Reputable Brother ink cartridges are recognized as some of the best in the business, fitted into some of the best-value, well-made printers on the market presently. Use such ink cartridges so that your documents look professional at all times.

The importance of a fine print in business documents cannot be overstated: you have to imagine the difference between receiving in the post a faded or partly-printed document, and receiving a bold, smart black and white one that’s clearly printed to perfection. The latter inspires a good deal more confidence.

Personalized Stationery

Most businesses enjoy some level of personalized stationery, like pens, mouse pads or stress balls, but what you’re looking for when adding that final impressive touch is paper embossed with a company logo, and the envelopes to match.

This adds more than just a shade of class to your business correspondence and shows that your company is one that appreciates the finer things in life, as well as that eye for detail that will increase the trust of your customers in your overall business performance. Negotiate with a stationery provider to secure a deal in personalized letter-sending paper, and you’ll have achieved an outstanding-looking business document.