How to Throw an End of Season Party

Every fantasy sport has an end of year or season when the work and effort you’ve put into your team reaches a climax, and you find out whether you were the best – or not.

Plus of course, some of the final games and competitions can be nail-biting events in themselves, regardless of your standing in the fantasy leagues. What better way to celebrate than with a party, where you and your friends can gather together to see the outcome of the final, crucial match and celebrate the result?

Making the party go with a swing

It’s likely that there will be a high level of anticipation and excitement among the members of your group who are leading the fantasy league rankings, or whose regular team is playing a significant match.

You don’t want anyone who is further down the rankings and has little to hope for to feel left out though, especially if the team they regularly support isn’t doing so well either. An ideal solution to this problem is to introduce a third element, and use an online site like Unibet to arrange some friendly betting on the outcomes of the game and the actions that take place during the event.

It adds an extra frisson for those who have a shot at doing well in the fantasy league but makes the experience a lot more fun for anyone who has little prospect of a successful end to their fantasy season.

Planning your party

Start planning well in advance of the season’s end, so you can get everything ready in time and ensure that everyone you want to be there is free to attend.

End of seasons are most frequently in the spring or fall, so your theme is going to be based on the likely weather conditions for the time of year. If you’re intending to celebrate the end of the Premier League season, for example, you could plan for a May barbecue, whereas Major League Baseball finishes in October with the World Series, so it might be better to plan a pizza delivery in case it’s a chilly day.

Choosing the venue

The obvious place to hold your end of season party is at your home, but be realistic about the practicalities of this arrangement. Your place may be too small to hold everyone comfortably, or if you share with house mates or family, they may not be very keen on having the party there.

Do you have a friend with better accommodation who’d be willing to host the party? You can still make all the arrangements, so they don’t have to take over the entire responsibility, but it will make a difference to the success of the party if everyone can sit comfortably to watch the game. Alternatively, you might be better off hiring a venue for your party where there will be plenty of room for everyone.

Fantasy sports are now so popular and well-established they’ve become a mainstream part of the sporting experience. Getting together with your friends at the end of the season is a great way to celebrate your achievements and look forward to the new season ahead.